The Power of Alternative Music in Nigeria

The Power of Alternative Music in Nigeria

While the likes of Wizkid, Davido, 2face Idibia and Burna Boy headline concerts and Olamide, M.I, Phyno and Reminisce feature as the front men of the hip hop culture in Nigeria, musicians such as ShowDemCamp, BOJ, Ric Hassani and few other equally talented singers have been unable to garner immense media attention like their Afrobeat and pop counterparts.

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The popular musicians that are affiliated with the Afrobeat and dancehall music genre often gain mainstream recognition courtesy of their vibes and propensity to attract a considerable fanbase that could eventually translate into monetary value for their record label. When songs such as “Legbegbe” or Wizkid’s “Soco” hits the radio, everybody is ready to gyrate and sway their hips to the beat.

The artist Wizkid during the MAMA 2016, in Johannesburg, South Africa on October 22nd,2016

It’s our culture and traditional to hide behind the music, we love songs that are quite monotonous in nature and the songs doesn’t necessarily entail our creativity just basic words on funky beats.

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Meanwhile, if you don’t like lousy jams, there is an alternative musical spectrum that entails composition, deliberate perfectionism and experimental instruments. The alternative music genre in Nigeria includes self-introspective lyrics rather than the mantras on parties and women, the alternative music genre in Nigeria seeks healing and aims to soothe the hurt of the listener.

In the alternative music sector, the singer or musician is creative and he is not concerned about the flashy style of the mainstream singers. Musicians such as Ric Hassani, Brymo, ShowdemCamp, BOJ, Black magic, Dare Art-Alade, French-based Nigerian singer Asa and most recently Johnny Drille are the heart and soul of this genre in our country.

Their lyrics are always engaging and confrontational, a times inspirational and always thought-provoking.

Concerts of alternative singers are usually done indoors; they are not as energetic as hip hop musicians neither do they scream at the top of their lungs. All they do is simply work on their vocal cavity, play their musical instruments then sing a song that would eventually exude an aura of positivism and reflection.

Several artistes in this category are primarily music composers and producers, they are also singer-songwriters of intelligent songs, a times they remain in the background as ghostwriters for the more popular singers we see frequently on our television.

Get acquainted with the lyrics, embrace the meaning behind the beat, don’t just dance understand the value and the peace of mind behind the lyrics in the alternative music.


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