The tomorrow people

The tomorrow people

Tomorrow people are winners, not whiners…


Look outside through the window of the bus you’re seated, you’d realize life is ever on the move it never awaits anyone.


We are the tomorrow people; we make the days count by overcoming shortcomings and hum along to the song of victories, become a winner today and quit being a whiner.


The days are counting for some people while some are making the days count.


Life is apathetic, stumble and fall if you will but endeavour never to lay low because it could grind you like pepper and leave you in a state of sorrow.


Run if you will but remember the stray bullets are on a leash, not just in form of metals but also words of discouragement and segregation from people who suffered defeat and failure in time past.


The yesterday people that have found pleasure in the arms of regret hence they want to murder other people’s hope and aspiration.


Grab all you can while it’s possible because the night would soon be here and could inevitably leave you in the cocoon of insatiable regret like the yesterday people, no time.


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The more you look, the less you see; life is ever in a phase of a mirage because we are in continual chase of everything and nothing; seeking adventure in vague places, who could blame the man?


There is more to life however, we all have a past to let go.


A future to believe in and a present moment to grasp in this ever swivelling wind, time ever evolves.


Progress can only be found in the hand of the tomorrow people not necessarily the yesterday people that crave for a glimpse in their traumatized mind to withhold pain and pleasure.


The construction of the future is in the hands of every man, it’s the sole responsibility of every literate and illiterate in the society; male and female, adult and adolescent, lecturer and scholar, sinner and saint, the list are enormous.


Ladies and gentlemen, we are the people that make a nation, both the young and old demography there aren’t any pushovers in real life.


May the good Lord continually strengthen our insight.


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