The touted Messiahs of 2023: A wake up call for the youths

The touted Messiahs of 2023: A wake up call for the youths

As the 2023 Presidential race kicks in motion, numerous candidates who have been into political dominance and recognition have indicated their interest in the forthcoming Presidential elections in 2023 thereby contesting for the highest political office in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Notable aspirants such as Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Yemi Osibajo, Orji Uzor Kalu, Atiku Abubakar, Yahaya Bello, Bukola Saraki, Goodluck Jonathan, David Umahi, David Moghalu and a host of other Presidential aspirants are already strategizing and criss-crossing the country with fully engaged consultations with influential shareholders to support their political ambition.

A noteworthy observation amongst the aspirants is their high recognition in the political scene of Nigerian Politics.

For example, Tinubu (A k.a Jagaban) had been well reckoned in the political atmosphere of Nigeria for many decades.

Yemi Osibajo has been a political player in the system for many decades; serving his under his former Boss Tinubu as the commissioner for Justice in Lagos state; before he attained the position of the Vice President of Nigeria.

Goodluck Jonathan has been in the political scene after leaving his lecturing job; thereby venturing into politics and emerging a one time Deputy Governor of Bayelsa State, Governor of Bayelsa State; Vice-President of Nigeria and eventually becoming the President. Now seeking to re-contest the Presidential position again.

David Moghalu has been in the political scene for many years now and resurfaced when he contested against Buhari under the YPP and ended 14th on the Election table Log and now seeking to re-contest.


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Orji Uzor Kalu has been into politics for many years now and attained the office of the Governor of Abia State; now a Senator seeking for the highest political office in the Land.

David Umahi may look as a new comer, but don’t get it twisted; this man has been a force to be reckoned with in Ebonyi Star politics for many years now and seeks to further elevate his position to become the President of Nigeria.

Bukola Saraki is a highly respected Personality in Kwara State, infact, the Saraki Family has been into political dominance for many decades serving in high Governmental positions until the “Ottoghen” Policy of Jagaban reduced their Power to the barest minimum.

Atiku Abubakar can never be erased in the history of modern Nigerian Politics since 1999 when he became a running mate of Olusegun Obasanjo and emerged to become the Vice President of Nigeria and have contested in different occasion for the highest Political Position in the Land.

A critical analysis of these touted Messiahs reveal 3 basic things about them; their age-long prominence in the political landscape of Nigeria, their influential strategies that have made them remain prominent, recognized; and dominant against all odds in the political history of Nigeria Politics; and finally their refusal to back down for the Youths to take hold of the Mantle of Leadership in the country.

Sadly, the Political culture of the younger generation and Youths at large has been nothing to be written home about. Infact, a large Spectrum of today’s Youths are involved in Get-rich-quick schemes; indulging into drugs and hard narcotics, initiated into cult groups and secret societies; living fake flamboyant lifestyle with a callous motto of
“fake it till you make it” way of life on social media; becoming puppets in the hands of politicians, aristorism, and
haters themselves.

It is sad to say that the future looks bleak for the Youths; as these touted Messiahs have hypnotized and brainwashed their critical reasoning; taking away they’re self confidence thereby making them believe they can only make it once you travel out in search of greener pastures.

Furthermore, these Messiahs have used their wealth to blindfold these Youths and caused a great division amongst them most; especially during election times.

Therefore, the thought provoking question to every Youth including you reading this now should be; “Will I fold my arms and keep mute to the political bullying of these old touted Messiahs?” or “Would I grab the bull by it’s horn and look for ways to create a self awareness into the heart of every Nigerian Youth out there”.

A honest answer to these questions shows that there is still an aorta of hope for the Nigerian Youth; as a National outlook Political Party aimed for the Nigerian Youths should be established and a vibrant promising, intellectually sound and young candidate should emerge to oust these “touted Messiahs”; who have milked the resources of the masses and only given crumbles to the poor masses during elections.

Infact, the “EndSars” protest which I personally did my own investigative work; shows that the Nigerian Youths have what it takes to truly coordinate themselves peacefully your a common purpose and objective.

Therefore the message is clear to the Youths, Arise O Nigerian Youths! and obey the Clarion call of your Fatherland!.

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