The Truth Always comes out – Nkem Ndem

The Truth Always comes out – Nkem Ndem



I have this routine where I wake up, say my prayers, drink some tea, check the gossip and news on the internet before I continue with other tasks. It is not the most conventional…and it has it pros and cons.




Some mornings, the news puts me in a bad mood and ruins my morning. At other times, it alerts me on opportunities that could be of benefit to me. There are also times when it is none of the above and I just end up being thoroughly entertained.




Today was that kind of morning.




On connecting to the internet, two things stood out as they seemed to be trending on social media.



First, an outcry from Tonto Dike’s sister, after Blessing Osom’s ( Tonto’s best friend) humiliating post against the actress. Second was the alarming post by Jada Pollock, Wizkid’s manager accusing him of domestic violence. Jada is also the mother of his third child.


Reading through comments from people regarding both incidents, I noticed a lot of people pointed to karma being at play, especially regarding Jada Pollock’s case. But here’s what came to me. The truth always comes out!



The Truth Always comes out - Nkem Ndem



For years, we have been under the impression (based on her comments online) that Tonto is well-to-do. Further, we were made to think she was the one who had borne the financial burden of her failed marriage.




From the car she drove to her trips abroad, there was no indication that she was broke. Perhaps, we all would have been under the illusion much longer if the truth did not come out.




Think about it, do you think we would ever know that truly Tonto was the broke one and not her ex-husband Churchill who she constantly runs down, if her ex-friend, Blessing Osom did not open the can of worms and Tonto’s blood sister confirmed it all in a tweet?


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Even more, there hasn’t ever been clarity on Wizkid’s position in relation to his baby mamas and kids. This was no thanks to the conflicting comments by different baby mamas and silence on his part. Perhaps we never would have known for sure that Wizkid indeed was a bad egg! Indeed, we would never know that his other baby mamas were right all along about him being a terrible dad and an awful love interest if Jada didn’t wash his dirty linen in the public like she just did.




Clearly, both Tonto Dike and Wizkid have been hiding this truth about themselves for a while. They were perhaps hoping that it would never become public knowledge.




But here’s the thing about secrets, lies or thing done in the dark. It, always, without an exception, comes to light. We can only hide behind our lies for so long.




Whether we are lying to ourselves, or lying to someone else, lies are still lies. Truth will, and it does, get out. And it does so in the most curious ways.


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Sometimes you don’t see it and it is right in front of you. Human perception is selective, but nothing can remain a secret or a mystery forever.




Perhaps if we all know this simple truth. That the truth always comes out. Indeed, we would lie less and cause less problems for ourselves or do less damage to our reputation.




When you lie, you put a distance between yourself and the people around you, your supporters. The lie is a shield or barrier between the reality you know, and the reality other people know.




And it’s not really about the intent with lying. It’s what the act itself does to you. You create a separate reality from so much lying, or buying lies. Consequently, it makes you insane, in a way.


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As you would imagine, both parties are yet to speak on the matter. I am curious to see how both Tonto Dike and Wizkid plan to absolve themselves from the current mess.



Do you think they even stand the chance to redeem themselves at this point?




Let me know what you think!



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