Ekweremadu: The unspeakable truth about ex-Deputy Senate President organ harvest allegations — Peju Akande

Ekweremadu: The unspeakable truth about ex-Deputy Senate President organ harvest allegations — Peju Akande

It started when the news about former Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu was reported to have been arrested by the UK Police on grounds of harvesting organs from a minor.

A lot of news platforms were skeptical about carrying the information at first because for all they knew; it could be another Ike Ekweremadu, someone who bears the same name with the former Deputy Speaker.

Then his wife’s name was also mentioned.

Yet, for the life of many, there was still a tinge of doubt that the couple may just be some everyday Nigerians; who coincidentally share same names with the Deputy Speaker. It was unspeakable that a lawyer, one who is versed in the law and ordinances of a foreign country like the United Kingdom, would be foolish enough to get caught harvesting organs.

So, many news outlets refrained from carrying the news.

But as the hours grew, more news agencies confirmed that indeed; the former Deputy Speaker was the one caught along with his wife.

The story then was that they had brought in a 15-year-old boy they planned to use as donor for their sick daughter who needed a kidney transplant and afterwards turn him into a ‘modern slave.’

First thing that came to mind was, how could the Ekweremadus have been so foolish?

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How could they have thought they would get away with bringing in someone to use as a donor? Who told them organ harvesting the crude Nigerian way isn’t a crime in civilised countries like the UK?

Online ramblers called for his head!

Many people were scandalized… ‘… Imagine the atrocity. A former senator wanting to harvest the organs of another. An orphan for that matter. Evil people…. Crucify him!

But in the hours after, we began to read reports fleshing out the story.

-Oh no, the former Deputy Speaker actually wrote to the British Embassy; notifying them of an organ donor for his daughter. He never hid his intentions but his ignorance of the UK law on organ donation seems to be the reason he was put under surveillance by the UK Police and so bang goes the theory that he lured the boy to the UK.

-Oh no, the said donor isn’t a minor. He is in fact a 21-year-old bricklayer called Ukpo Nwamini David. He is old enough to decide whether he would want to donate his organ or not and so, bang goes the theory that he was an orphan minor.

-Oh no, the donor had been found not to be a match for the Ekweremadu daughter. Therefore, he had been told he would have to go back to Nigeria; so bang goes the theory that they Ekeremadu planned to use him as a slave in the UK.

As more facts emerged and especially as the so-called 15-year-old donor turned 21-year-old man said on his face book page; he was simply told he would go to the UK to work for the Ekeweremadus. There was no mention of  him parting with his precious organs.

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Ike Ekweremadu

For me, two things are clear. A promise of a good life was made to the young man for a ‘service.’ Let’s tag the ‘service,’ organ donation. The young man mistook it for work.

Although it’s highly unlikely that he was unaware of his role in shedding a kidney for his boss’s daughter; but people give their kidneys for money. It’s not ethical but it is widely done. However, in countries like the UK, the law forbids the sale of organs; which seems to be what Ike Ekweremadu and his wife may be found guilty of. Secondly, Ekweremadu reneged on his promise which may be why Ukpo David sold him out.

They may have agreed to give money to Ukpo David in return for one of his kidneys.

But as soon as it became evident that he was no match for Sonia Ekweremadu; they made a U-turn.

This for me, is where the Ekweremadus messed up. Ukpo David, stopped being their favourite person. They informed Ukpo David that he had to go back to Nigeria. He was no longer useful to them. The lavish attention they paid him dried up fast. Their food that he was eating was beginning to annoy them. The comfort they provided was beginning to be too much to give to a common bricklayer.

He was in the UK at their expense and one more pound spent on him was just a waste to them.

Had Ukpo David been a match, would they have suggested he returned to Nigeria? Is that the initial agreement? Was there even a signed agreement between Ukpo David and Ike Ekweremadu? A document stating that they would do x and x should he be a match and x and x should he not be a match?

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Ekweremadu  in UK court and letter

But Ukpo David seeing how quickly his benefactors turned against him decided to show them he was no push over.

He lied!

He told a doctor who told the police that he was being used by the Ekweremadus and that he was unaware he was going to part with his kidney!

Before Ike Ekweremadu knew what was going on, he and his wife were arrested and charged with organ harvesting!

It’s unspeakable that a man of Ekweremadu’s status (he’s a lawyer and a UK citizen) be found guilty of such a crime. Someone as learned as he is should have asked; checked with the authorities to be sure what he was about to do was within the confines of the UK law; particularly as it isn’t going to be done in Nigeria…where everything goes.

Ukpo David, as we say in Nigeria, “has chopped oyinbo life. He has no plans to go back to carrying cement and molding bricks after living free for two months in the UK!

The food, the places he visited, the photos he sent to his babes and family. Proof of a new life can’t go to dust.

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But the story has not ended. It’s still unfolding.

David is in custody. The oyinbos will soon find out he is no minor. One news outlet says he is 25; whether he is 15 or 21 or 25, we will find out.

The Ekweremadus, too, lied but who is the bigger liar between the two sets of people?

The UK courts will tell us their findings come July 7, 2022.

Until then, David and Ekweremadu, the ex-Deputy Senate President will be speaking from different parts of their mouths to help the UK police arrive at a conclusion.

Who should be deported? Who should remain in custody? And who should be fined…and who knows, who should be released.

As for Sonia, the young lady in need of a kidney…

I pray she gets help fast.

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