The wives have gone mad again: Rudeboy, Nedu & Tubaba under fire – Peju Akande

The wives have gone mad again: Rudeboy, Nedu & Tubaba under fire – Peju Akande


The past couple of weeks has seen some wives make the news for the wrong reasons.



Two weeks ago, my partner sent me a link to a story on Paul Okoye aka Rude Boy; one half of the defunct PSquare music power duo.



In the story, Paul’s wife, Anita Okoye who resides with their kids in the US had purportedly filed a divorce petition against Paul. In it, she was alleged to have cited “irreconcilable differences” as reason for divorce.



Some people said this couldn’t have been Anita filing for divorce.



Cries of “She did it”,/“She didn’t do it,” filled cyber space.




The wives have gone mad again: Rudeboy, Nedu & Tubaba under fire – Peju Akande




Nobody saw cracks in the marriage. So, why would Anita suddenly be asking for a divorce with hefty child support, too?  So far, she hasn’t refuted the divorce petition which some are claiming to be fake. She hasn’t given reasons either as to whether indeed she was behind the leak to the media, as some are claiming. She has said nothing to distance herself from it, either!


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And thus, we let sleeping dogs lie…for now.



What we see now is a seemingly loved-up couple posting happy photos of their family. I say kudos to whoever mediated between the two and made them come out united to face the world.


We hadn’t finished chewing on this when another similara saga started trending.


Annie Idibia, wife of multiple award winning singer, Tuface aka Tubaba, took to social media to accuse her husband …wait for it, of infidelity with one of his baby mamas, Pero Adeniyi, (who by the way, has three children for Tuface, some born while he was dating Annie!)


Though Annie has since deleted the post; but not before it had been copied and shared by thousands of itchy fingers who had their “say “on the matter. Many were shocked Tuface was being accused of infidelity. I was shocked too because if you type the word infidelity in Google; Tuface’s photo will pop up instantly.



The wives have gone mad again: Rudeboy, Nedu & Tubaba under fire – Peju Akande




But we are not debating Tuface’s randy member. No, we already know him well. What we are angry about is that it’s taken Annie this long to finally realize his manhood isn’t just for her alone…it’s for the community!





Thus far, Tuface’s silence has been golden, same for Pero Adeniyi, the woman being accused. But as usual, once you bring your private matters to social media, the vultures will prey. Annie is being viciously torn apart online by many who think they have a right to comment on her matter, even after the post has been brought down. One of those who has taken it upon himself to flog her is Tuface’s brother; Charles, who “bought” the fight on behalf of his family against “their wife.”


While Annie licks the wounds inflicted by vicious online barracudas; Chinedu Emmanuel, media personality and comedian; popularly known as Nedu, took his turn to be bashed online by his ex-wife, Uzoamaka Ohiri. She pulled a #MEeToo on Nedu on Twitter, declaring him an irresponsible father; a wife beater among other things.


But Nedu responded to these allegations with calm and with facts. Nedu not only denied the allegations, he even published evidence to the contrary; releasing the DNA test result of their first son stating the child isn’t even his!


Uzoamaka is perhaps now cursing the finger that typed so fast to accuse Nedu online; just as I imagine Annie and Anita are smacking their fingers for being too quick to bring their marital woes online.




The wives have gone mad again: Rudeboy, Nedu & Tubaba under fire – Peju Akande




Wives are on rampage here, people.



Wives who need to learn that social media isn’t the place for family love or hate for that matter.

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In fact, wives who get burned for squealing on social media with a view to shame their husbands and exes…You won’t get away with it. Your so called fans will whip you sore.


As for Uzoamaka, now everyone knows she is “wanton’’. They are judging her based on what Nedu has published; passing off another man’s pregnancy to Nedu. She claimed Nedu battered her. But he gave evidence of her battery of him instead.



Nedu said in his post on Instagram; “Our marriage was one plagued with a lot of issues. One of which was continuous infidelity from her side that made me conduct paternity tests on our kids which led to the revelation that our first son is not my biological son, even though he was born during our marriage.”


It’s hard to take sides with a woman who has been caught cheating; not that she is the worst of all…but she is the one who got caught! She is no worse than many of us…But like I said, she got caught!


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Annie, too, we have now found out, is on “cheap” drugs as her brother-in-law claimed. He wrote; ‘‘Your husband has his wahala. But is that going to be your solution to this complicated situation life has thrown at you? Is it when you stab him in the chest while he sleeps over a call from Pero demanding he speaks to his kids in the middle of the night due to the time difference from the U.S., for example, that you will have peace…When he is dead, then what? You would be right and we would be wrong. Then what?’’ 


Truth is, nobody gains from laundering their linen (dirty or not) in public. Nobody benefits from trashing partners you once loved and cared for in public. When the vultures perch on your case; they will leave indelible marks that will hurt for long. And while we are talking about marks, what of the children involved in the mix?

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