#TheMatter: Nigerians insinuate singer Simi’s alleged baby looks like Falz

#TheMatter: Nigerians insinuate singer Simi’s alleged baby looks like Falz

The microblogging site, Twitter Nigeria has been turned into a vaudeville for comedy with the hilarious hashtag #TheMatter.


Nigerians are insinuating that rapper Falz is the father of Simi’s alleged new-born son. This is #TheMatter they are currently trying to resolve.


During the early hours of Thursday, May 28, social media influencers stirred and creatively came up with humorous narrative on how their neighbours, religious leaders and parents are trying to resolve some trivial domestic issues. The topic is generally relatable and it was established to be hilarious, witty and sarcastic.


Nothing ought to be taken too seriously.


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How Cynthia Morgan influenced #TheMatter Trend


Earlier in the week, Nigerian songstress, Cynthia Morgan made headlines following her now-infamous interview session with mental health consultant, Sandra Ogbevor. The songstress alleged that her music career was ruined by her former label boss, Jude ‘Okoye’ Engees. These claims would later be unravelled to be unfounded.



After slandering Jude Okoye’s image and speaking ill of her former record label, Northside Entertainment Limited, the songstress issued an apology to her former employers. Cynthia Morgan’s controversy established the trending hashtag #TheMatter.


Following her deception and sly manoeuvre to make netizens open a GoFundMe account, several concerned social media users who claimed to have donated for this cause are urging for a refund.


Further, some trolls online are calling out Cynthia Morgan now identified as Madrina for her false claims.


Indeed, Twitter users have gained a reputation for making turning serious issues into a form of entertainment. This is not different.


Read some tweets that propagated the #TheMatter trend.


“The money wey we contribute inside Cynthia Morgan GoFundme.


Yetunde use am buy iPhone 11 pro come still get mind update “chop life before life chop you” for her Instagram story We gather Dey settle #TheMATTER like this!”


Several Twitter users have since followed suit. Read what they have been sharing online.



‘Simi don born, the pikin resemble Falz’


There are rumours making the rounds on social media that Nigerian songstress, Simi has delivered her baby. According to reports, the 32-year-old ‘Duduke‘ songstress delivered a baby in the US. Neither Simi nor her husband, Adekunle Gold have confirmed the development. Hence, it would remain speculations.



Somehow, trolls have made the trending hashtag about the Nigerian songstress and her husband, Adekunle Gold alongside their close pal, Falz. It is not news that Falz The Bad Guy is a close buddy with the couple. Prior to Gold and Simi’s union in 2019, the trio was reportedly in a love triangle conundrum.


Falz collaborated with Simi and they produced one of the most heartwarming music projects in recent memories. Not until the latter part of the recently concluded decade, most fans were ignorant of Adekunle Gold’s relationship with Simi.


Prior to their prominence in the mainstream, Adekunle Gold and Simi have been dating surreptitiously,;creating memories and establishing a remarkable affinity for each other.


Finally, in 2019, the couple tied the knot, hence, Falz had to give the couple their required space.



As stated earlier, there are rumours circulating that Simi has delivered a baby. This is yet to be confirmed. However, some social media trolls have begun to make jokes about who Simi’s new born looks like.


In fact, rumourmongers alleged that the baby shares a striking resemblance with Falz. This particular section of the trending hashtag has raised eyebrows online. Not everyone finds it hilarious.


1st News has garnered a cross-section of comments pertaining to #TheMatter trend. Read the thread below.


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