‘There is nothing like heaven or hell’- Supernova

‘There is nothing like heaven or hell’- Supernova


Budding Nigerian songstress, Supernova has stated that there is no such thing as heaven or hell.


Taking to Instagram on Monday, February 10, the songstress mentioned that she does not believe the afterlife or eternity. She published a video where she criticized religious bigots for creating excessive rules.


The singer started her video by addressing those who came to her page to slam her over her last video about sex.


Supernova went on to say there is nothing like heaven or hell. Further, she stated that people put as much passion in their lives as they did about wanting to make heaven, things would be better for them and those around them.


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Watch her video below.


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Her video has instigated controversy on social media.


A couple of days ago, Nigerian media personality Toke Makinwa addressed religious zealots on her social media page.


According to Toke, religious folks need to quit judging other people due to their life choices and indifference towards spirituality.


She also mentioned that religious people need to stop playing the role of ‘assistant Jesus’.


Advising religious people to mind their business and leave others alone. Further, she mentioned that they should keep their spiritual life to themselves instead of pressuring others.


See her tweet below:

“I can’t stand over religious people if you’ve been saved, great! Let other people work our their salvation without your judgement. Work on remaining saved, leave we the struggling people alone, God loves us like that”


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