Theresa Edem leaves message for emerging actors

Theresa Edem leaves message for emerging actors

Nollywood actress, Theresa Edem has admonished her upcoming colleagues to remain patient as they await their breakthrough.


According to the Nollywood actress, it is quintessential for burgeoning actors to hone their skills and continue to build momentum as they aim to achieve mainstream popularity.


Here is what Theresa Edem had to say in a recent interview session with a correspondent;

“Some of them are quite impatient.

You need to be patient with yourself.

It is a process and journey.

Give yourself time and put yourself out there.”



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She continued;

“Years ago when I was upcoming too, I mean we are still coming oh, do you get.

But back in the days, I used to go for a lot of auditions, open auditions, and the hours used to be very odd.

But trust the process, grow your talent, work on yourself,” Edem shared.


Notable for her roles in ‘Hotel Majestic’, ‘Tinsel’ and the Emem Isong produced ‘Ayamma’, Edem began acting from church.


She told the correspondent that she later quit her job, moved to Lagos, and attended film school.


Besides the acting school which I did for like 3 months, I am self-taught. I learnt everything online ( YouTube and masterclasses online),” the actress revealed.

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