Things every bride expects from her groom

Things every bride expects from her groom


Things every bride expects


Every girl dreams of a perfect fairytale wedding and but there’s no denying that wedding planning is stressful! There are of course things every bride expects from her groom… if only the men knew about these!

10 small but ‘Super-Important’ things every girl wants from her man!


 Go Wedding Shopping with Her!

While it might seem like fun, wedding shopping is really stressful for a bride. It isn’t easy finding the perfect outfit in the perfect colour and perfect design and at the right price!

Instead of leaving her to her own devices, accompany her and (genuinely pretend to ) help her choose when she asks for it.


Things every bride expects from her groom




2. Trust her Taste!

If your bride tells you that lilies are the perfect choice for the reception, don’t doubt her judgment

Remember, she’s waited for this day all her life. She’s not going to settle for anything less than the best.

And unless you have a really good reason to oppose what she wants – simply trust her judgement and show her that you LOVE her choices as much as you love her!


3. Honeymoon Planning!

If there is one thing that excites a girl more than her wedding, it is her honeymoon! Don’t lay out a world map in front of her and ask her to choose any destination. She already has a lot on a her plate.

So instead, sit down and discuss what you both want and then do your own research to give her only 2 to 3 well worked out options to choose from!

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4. Express Love!

Your girl is doing everything in her power to make the wedding festivities memorable. Give her some credit by reminding her how lucky you are to have her – simple ‘thank-you & love you’ flowers can go a long way!

On crazy busy days when nothing else is possible, even a romantic whatsapp message or post-it note from time to time can help keep up her spirits!


5. Comfort her!

There will be times when things will go wrong despite perfect planning. When that happens, she’s likely to lose her wits

Instead of getting mad at her, let her know that this too shall pass. Everything WILL fall into place and you’re not going to leave her side, ever!


6. Write her a Love Letter – Old Style!

Put pen to paper and write down everything you’ve ever felt about your sweetheart. Talk about your most memorable moments, tell her what makes her special and highlight her best qualities that make you fall in love with her every single day.

Make sure this is the first thing she lays her eyes on – on her wedding day!

7. Surprise her!

Imagine your sweetheart waking up on the wedding day to a room full of beautiful flowers that she loves most! It’s a surprise that can calm the most nervous girls.

Or just take her out to a surprise getaway a week before the wedding. All she needs is a li’l gesture to show her that you love her and can’t wait to spend your life with her!



Things every bride expects from her groom



8. Compliment her!

When your girl dresses to impress – whether its a dinner date or a casual coffee catch-up or a wedding function make it a point to compliment her!

No matter what the function or event – a genuine compliment from the man she loves will make her day brighter and better!


9. Day After – Couple’s Spa

Everything from wedding planning to all those celebrations will drain you more than you can imagine. And since your bride has to go through endless mehendi and makeups sessions, rehearsals, donning heavy-weight jewelry and lehengas among all the madness, all she needs is a li’l love and pampering the day after!

Sneak her out for a relaxing couple’s spa session the day after it’s all done and dusted and she’ll thank you for it forever!


10. Make her a Honeymoon Meal!

Going to a romantic dinner date on your honeymoon never goes out of style. But think out of the box, and plan ahead for a honeymoon date where you can cook her a nice, pampering meal – get your hotel chef involved to arrange for a cooking station, easy recipes and yum ingredients!

This wonderful surprise is bound to leave her asking for more!

Get going on these simple yet meaningful li’l things every bride expects from her groom and you can come back and thank us later. All we need to say is guys, don’t take your girl for granted! What do you ‘reallyyyyyyy’ want from your guy?

Let us know in comments below!

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