Things not to disclose with friends

Things not to disclose with friends



Your love partner took you out for a date and gifted you something really nice.

The first thing you do is, call up one of your close friends and tell them about your date! And you do not forget to give even the minute details when you meet you friends in person, right?

Well, I agree it is a must to share even the smallest life happenings with your besties, especially the episodes in love life. I am not wary of saying that girls have a bigger habit of sharing anything and everything happening in their romantic escapades, with their best friends.

Still, I would say, It is not always right to give out all the details. There are a few things which are very personal between you and your love partner.


Here are 8 things about your love life that you should never disclose to your friends.


  1. Your Commitments Levels And Plans 

What level of love you share with your partner and what are you planning for life to shape that love, this detail is for you and your love partner. You may have big plans and seeing a happy future together. But the truth is, especially when you are in your teens and twenties, plans change! If at all you both end up together for life, your friends will know anyways. And for any given circumstances, you don’t, you will not have to give answers to unnecessary questions that your friends will ask.



Things About Your Love Life That You Should Never Disclose To Your Friends!



  1. You Fights – Especially The Mundane Ones

Yes, it becomes important to pour your heart out to you friend when you have had a bad tiff with your love, but, hold on the details with you. If it’s a mundane passing argument, do not even talk about it. If there is something really big that needs a discussion, you may just ask for suggestions from friends, without giving out all the details. Your friends will, more often than not, inclined to taking your side and understanding your perspective instead of being objective. This may cause further problems for your relationship.







  1. Your Bedroom Stories

 Whatever you do inside a closed room, between the sheets is a highly personal thing. Whether you and your partner are on it or still contemplating, this also needs to remain between you two. Your friends hold no right to this information. The secure it is between you two, the safer you are from unwanted complications later on. Ask yourself, how would you feel, if your partner were sharing such intimate details with their friends?


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  1. Your Partner’s Shortcomings

No one in this world is complete. Everyone has some shortcoming or the other. If you know of a lacking in your partner or they have shared some of their insecurities with you, you ought to keep it with you and not spread it amongst others.

Your friends have nothing to do with that. They cannot help you or your partner overcome those in anyways. Do not give them reasons to gossip.





  1. How You Two Handle Your Money

Every couple have their own way of handling money amongst them. Who is spending how much in your relationship is as per your individual comforts and likings. There is no need to share this detail with a third person who is not going to pool in money into your dates. Just like the under the sheets information, money talk to is highly sensitive and can potentially cause problems if open to other’s opinions. Also, it’s highly distasteful to discuss such stuff publicly!





  1. Your Partner’s Family Problems

If you happen to meet or know your partner’s family and you have some unpleasant experiences or things about them, do not, under any circumstances, share those with your friends. If you are serious about your partner, then eventually you are going to be a part of the same family. Would you go around saying fowl things about your own family to someone?  In the future, you may get along with them perfectly well, but your friends may not forget the things you once said. It can complicate the matters for you.







  1. Your Secret Endearments 

You call your partner with a cute pet name and he/she sends you a pet text before going to sleep every night! This is YOUR thing! These are the sweet nothings  to which only your love partner has the divine right to. Do not show off your bond to your friends by sharing such intimate details. You never know these cute little things become a matter of a group laugh later on, in just a friendly banter. Will your partner feel good about it?




  1. Your Relationship Arrangements With Each Other 

When you two are in a relationship handling it on your own, you would make certain arrangements to keep it going to. This could involve the concept of giving each other some breathing space from time to time. It’s that little break you sometimes take that helps you think things through or helps your regain some perspective. Every time you and your partner decide to take a little break, you don’t need to broadcast it to your friends. There will be unnecessary speculation and fodder for gossip. So-not-needed, especially when all is actually well in paradise!








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