Things that cause water bloat

Things that cause water bloat



So much water is flowing throughout our bodies, which is good for our muscles; organs; and blood flow.

However, sometimes our body holds on to way too much water, causing certain parts to swell up and get super puffy. Water retention, also known as edema or fluid retention. -Can happen to anyone’s circulatory system.

A major symptom of water retention is swelling or puffiness in your skin that causes it to appear stretched and shiny. Most people tend to severely swell up in their legs, hands, and feet, which tends to be worse in areas of the body that are closer to the ground.


Reasons You’re Maintaining Water:


  • Your lifestyle: Eating salty foods can easily make your body retain water; plus, an individual with a severe protein deficiency may be more likely to retain as well.


  • Medication: Side effects of certain medications can include it retention. Make sure to ask your doctor about any potentially adverse side effects especially when it comes to oral diabetes medications, high blood pressure medications, non-prescription pain relievers (such as ibuprofen), and estrogens.




Things that cause water bloat



  • Hormones when pregnant: Women typically experience swelling during pregnancy, and this is considered normal especially near the end of the term.


  • Menstrual Period: Occurs in a cyclic pattern usually means it’s due to hormonal changes, which are related to the menstrual cycle.


  • Travel: Sitting for prolonged periods, like when traveling, can cause swelling especially in the lower legs.


Most causes  can be easily treated if you maintain a healthy lifestyle; and remain aware of what your body is consuming. Though, some cases can be more serious than others; which is why you must pay attention to important indicators as to what you might be experiencing.


Not all types of water retention require treatment.


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