Things we do everyday that are killing us

Things we do everyday that are killing us




From waking up to going to bed, there are daily tasks that we perform and they involve tons of things that we do over and over again. It is our routine that decides a lot for us. Some become our habits, bad and good both that we carry with ourselves.

However, yes, old habits die hard but take a moment here and read about the common habits that have some serious consequences.


This list may make you want you to reconsider a few things.



1. Watching too much TV

Yes, Netflix is great and the shows on it are the best but do you know a person watching TV more for than three hours a day doubles their risk of early death?

American Heart Association cardiologist Nisa Goldberg said, “Watching television is a passive, sedentary activity, and certainly people who do it for hours are not paying attention in terms of their lifestyle and in terms of their diet.” The blood vessels stiffen which leads to cholesterol build-up with a sedentary lifestyle.



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2. Having a snack when not hungry

One must not ignore or disturb body signals. It’ll tell you when you are hungry. It can lead to chronic overeating.


3. Cracking your neck too often

This can lead to a stroke or serious injury and can even lead to a stroke. Stop doing that already.







4. Spending too much time in your company alone

Social isolation can lead to increased risk of early mortality says a study in the journal Perspectives on Psychological Science.





5. Biting your nails

Do you even know the number of bacteria your fingers get in contact with?



6. Having too many painkillers

Our lifestyle is making us function like that. What are painkillers are for, do you think? Well, drugs like ibuprofen or aspirin can increase your risk for ulcers, gastrointestinal bleeding, high blood pressure, and heart attacks.


7. Skipping breakfast

Always getting late and not having breakfast? Well, people who are skipping breakfast are consuming more calories at night, in turn, making them more stressed.







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8. Spending more money than you have

This is easy to understand. Stressing about your credit card bills on a daily basis will only fasten the aging process.





9. Too much Coffee

How good is caffeine? Coffee is the reason for your increased anxiety and insomnia.





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