Things We Hear: Police arrest woman for being too ‘sweet’ in bed

Things We Hear: Police arrest woman for being too ‘sweet’ in bed

A Lagos-based lady has cried out on social media lamenting how her ex-boyfriend used the police to arrest her because she was too ‘sweet’ in bed and he could not take the fact that she had called off the relationship.

The lady who posted the incident on her Instagram account narrated how the ex-boyfriend made police officers to arrest her because she left him when he could not bear her leaving him because she was too good in bed.

According to the lady, she left the man because he had gotten his cousin pregnant but was but was surprised when he reported her to the police leading to her arrest.

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Read what the lady posted on her Instagram page here:

“I have tried so hard to reach out to some people/persons who I believe can be of help, but since I was unable to get access to them, let me post it here on my page.

I was on my way home on 1/12/18. 7.15 P.M, when I saw 3 men in police T-shirts.

They said I had to go with them to their station that they came to arrest me; I laughed so hard because I thought they were only joking but when I started moving forward, one of them grabbed my hand and said ‘are you stupid? where do you think you are going?’

I told them I would not go with them without telling me the crime I committed, so I started shouting; that was how a dirty slap came from nowhere and landed on my face.

At this point I was shouting, crying and shaking. I said to myself, no, these are not police officers these are kidnappers.

When we got to their station (Egbeda police station in Alimosho local govt., Lagos), that was when I realized that they were real police officers and not kidnappers.

Behold my ex-boyfriend paid the policemen to arrest me because I broke up with him and he couldn’t get himself another girl who is good in bed, that I’m too sweet and very romantic.

This is the guy I broke up with because he impregnated his own cousin. The police were saying I should take the guy back because he is crazy about me, after all, they have terminated the said pregnancy.

They said that a man will always cheat but will definitely run back to the sweetest woman…. blah blah blah….

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This is my uncle blaming me for keeping people’s secret; blaming me for being too good to people (male & female); blaming me for being good in bed; blaming me for being too calm.

But this is who I am; it is not my fault…

To those policemen, here are my questions:
1. How much money did you guys collect to get me arrested?

2. Why did you guys treat me like a criminal (dragged and slapped me) when you knew perfectly well I did not commit any crime?

3. Why did you guys refuse to release me until my uncle stormed the station?”

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