This is not Anne Idibia’s battle – Abiodun Kuforiji

This is not Anne Idibia’s battle – Abiodun Kuforiji


Hey guys, have you been following the Tuface-Anne-Pero drama? If you are on Nigerian internet space, you can’t have missed the Idibia family spectacle that has refused to allow us to move on with minding our businesses.

We try.

We drink water; then we face our hustle. We are not begging or chasing any celebrities to tell us what is going on in their lives. Yes we may drop a negative comment here and there but that is normal trolling, nothing serious.

But these guys will not let us be.

Celebrities complain about how people do not let them be; but I put it to you today that we are letting them be. They are the ones that are looking for our wahala.

Why did Anne Idibia feel the need to let us know about her private family situation last month? I personally was taken aback to see her speak about not being loved by her in-laws as well as how Tuface was staying at Pero’s house. She sparked a nationwide conversation about their relationship.

I am no expert but I sincerely believe that taking personal things pertaining to family members or spouses to social media is not helpful. Strangers (like you and I) are invited to bring commentary on people we know nothing about with just a sliver of information shared with us.

There were many speculations as to why she did this. Mine was that she was fulfilling a threat to bring their matter to social media knowing that Tuface shies away from that sort of publicity. Any way. Na so we see am for a few days. There was a lot of back and forth from their siblings with gossip blogs filling in the blanks with wrong or right information.

Then it seemed to die down for a little while.

Before we could move on, an audio recording of Anne crying and screaming that Tuface snuck away from her to America to be with Pero came out. We stopped or paused our legitimate hustles to analyze the situation.

Pero has 3 children for Tuface. A lot of memes were created to say a woman with up to 3 kids for a man is a co-wife. Some people had sympathy for Anne and so they casted Pero as the villain. The other woman who refuses to stop hexing the man away from his legitimate wife.

Tuface made a statement telling us to respect their privacy. He posted a picture with Anne. That seemed to smoothen ruffled feathers for some and for others it was an inconclusive way to halt the conversation.

At that point, it did not look like there was going to be more updates. We reluctantly moved on to matters pertaining to Jane Mena and Tonto Dikeh and KpoKpogri (even typing the name is making my fingers stumble). This is one topic I cannot write about now. We have to wait for it to finish and from the looks of things, it will not finish today.

A video of Pero coming into Nigeria via Abuja surfaced. Almost concurrently another one of Tuface in Abuja came out. People wondered if there was some sort of link up. Pero and Tuface in the same city….Biko someone should tell us what is going on.

On Friday, a video of Pero and some two ladies (apparently they are related to Tuface) surfaced on the rag blogs. They unapologetically called Pero their wife. Pero laughed throughout the video but it didn’t seem as though she minded. This set social media on fire. Some people said it was clear Tuface’s family was deliberately giving Anne hell. Some said that Anne must be a devil or sorts not to have his family’s support. And some just hurled insults at the women.

I felt bad for Anne Idibia. It seems as though she is clinging to a marriage that she wants to be in more than Tuface. I may be wrong but at some point it was looking like she has fought for many years to have and keep this man and even being married to him is not enough for her to feel secure in the relationship. It also felt like Pero was a real threat. I hadn’t really thought of her as one. But the coincidental Abuja thing and linking up with Tuface’s family… kai, the thing dey suspect.

Tuface posted up a picture of him and Anne. To douse the speculation on who was the first lady. Pero also granted and interview disputing any accusation that she has designs on Tuface.

What shall we say to all of this?

A part of me wants to put some blame on Tuface. For his wife to come off as so insecure and terrified of him spending time around other Baby mama’s, is it that he is giving her reasons not to trust him? Well, a man with loads of kids outside the marriage from multiple women is certainly not giving trustworthy vibes. If philandering is Tuface’s past, he needs to find a way to communicate to his wife that she is the only woman in his life. Whatever he is doing is not working. This is getting embarrassing.

But another part of me recognizes the baseline in which we are all ultimately responsible for how we respond to situations. Anne Idibia should move on if she absolutely cannot trust this man and is uncomfortable with the situation. I am saying this because there are a lot of women that have accepted that their men are steppers…their legs go waka. These women have made their peace with this. They are comfortable being wifeys. He can do what he wants so long as he does not give anyone belle. So long as he doesn’t marry another woman. So long as he is meeting up to his responsibilities.

Anne Idibia is obviously not that kind of woman. She wants to be the queen and does not want the concubines. She seems to think that Pero has a good chance of taking Tuface away from her and that scares the shit out of her.

Tuface needs to do something. The drama spilling out of his personal life says a lot of things are out of control. If he is dangling between two women, he needs to make a choice. If he is not, he needs to find a way of letting Anne know there is nothing to fret about. He also needs to read the riot act to his family so that they stay the hell away from social media with his matters.

This is not for Anne to solve. Tuface needs to do more.

On our own part, we are here for more unsolicited opinions and analyses on their situations if they provide more fodder.

Na social media go cause the next world war walahi!!!

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