This is your reminder that it’s okay to accept help – Ella Temisan

This is your reminder that it’s okay to accept help  – Ella Temisan

I know I complained about Joy, the help I hired last year to clean my house weekly. I had good reason to.


She was too rough with the aged plumbing in the house and cost me a good amount of money in repairs. I would shadow this particular help while she cleaned and almost melt in anxiety. Only God knows where she got her strong bones.


The lady handles everything with an iron hand. But she was punctual and had good vibes. I didn’t worry about her stealing my meagre properties or dropping jazz on my pillow. Lol.


Why am I talking about Joy? I miss her. She had a minor accident on her way to my house. So, I asked her to take some time off to recover. When she asked if she could resume, I asked her to take more time off.


I thought I did not need her help anymore. I was enjoying tending to my house by myself at that time. And as I fancy myself a domestic goddess, I truly believed I could sustain my work life and still keep my house as clean as I wanted it. See ehn, I have never been so wrong in my life.


I need Joy back in my life ASAP.


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I have come to an age where I need to use my time and money wisely. It takes me about two hours to clean my house. No jokes. Sweeping, dusting, mopping, tidying up, etc.



This is your reminder that it’s okay to accept help - Ella Temisan



For my space to achieve the level of cleanliness that I need it to have; I have to spend a good amount of time cleaning it. And I want it to stay clean every day or I can’t think well. Yes, I am one of those people.


But if the same two hours will allow me to finish a task or sharply tidy one small hustle; why won’t I do that instead of cleaning my house? Then use part of the money I’ve made to pay the help. You see how this economics is working, abi?’


Mummy, calm down. I’m not abandoning my values, or all the home training hard drilled into my skull. I miss Joy so much. Like my Aunty advised, I am accepting help where I find it. That I can pay for it is even better.


I don’t take such graces for granted. But I want to multiply it. This year, I want to live in softness. Last year was stressful. And I’m committed to making sure it doesn’t repeat itself.


If only Joy will pick up my call or respond to my text messages.

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