This Lagos Na Wa — Ella Temisan

This Lagos Na Wa — Ella Temisan

I heard someone say that Lagos can never be a sane place anymore. He said that all hope is lost for our beloved State because those who are standing on the path of truth and fighting for positive change are seen as mad people.

So the more you fight, the more insane you look, and the best thing might be to keep quiet. I think this applies to Nigeria as a whole, but there is no denying that Lagos is no longer a sane place.

We have strayed from the path of normalcy, and I doubt we can go back. Do we even know the way back?

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I recently took a trip to Abuja, and honestly, it felt like I had traveled to a different country. When you have lived in Lagos all your life, you will never believe that anywhere in this country can be peaceful and quiet, especially when it is not your village.

Abuja is such a calm place, even the weather is not the same. I left my hotel on a Monday morning to run some errands, and can you believe that I returned after a few hours?

Like the sun was still shining, and there was enough time to eat brunch and lunch. Can this happen in Lagos? No. The distance was far oo. I went to the outskirts of Abuja from the town.

That is like going from the mainland to the island in Lagos on a Monday and returning to your house early without waking up by 4 AM. A few days in Abuja showed me that life can be easier, but I don’t know why our own here in Lagos must be different.

We must thrive in chaos here. Suffer head must be our form of adrenaline because what exactly is stopping us from behaving normally? Does Abuja have two heads? I was coming from Ebutte Metta a few days again, and I came to a point where traders had occupied half of the main road.

These people left the market and their shops and decided to display their goods on the road that cars were passing without fear or regard. They just occupied one lane like it was their property causing a holdup for innocent drivers.

Can never be Abuja! I did not stay long, but I felt the difference. Funny enough, outside of the checkpoints in Abuja, you would hardly see uniformed men on the road, but with all our Police, LASMA, VIO, and others standing at every corner on the main road, crazy things are still happening.

This Lagos don tire me. You people will soon hear my relocation story. Let the people that can japa, go ahead.

For now, I will just relocate for my sanity. I want to dedicate myself to the life of a soft babe, and Lagos is not doing it for me at all. I have seen the light.

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