This Nigerian youth is tired and amused — Ella Temisan

This Nigerian youth is tired and amused — Ella Temisan

One of my favorite Nigerian skit makers on Instagram once made a post and captioned it  “Na only me and 3 people remain for my street now.

While I laughed at the joke for a couple of minutes; my laughter faded immediately after the true meaning of that statement hit me.

“Na only me and 3 people remain for my street”.

A statement so powerful it makes you laugh but yet feels you with overwhelming sadness. Have you seen the queue in our airports lately? Where are people going to? It is no news that the common trend amongst Nigerians is to “Japa”; which means to relocate to a different country in search of greener pastures. While I know it would be hypocritical of me to preach about how we need to be the change we want to see; or to stay and fight for a better Nigeria; I often ponder on what would happen to the country when everybody leaves, and finally, “only 3 people remain”.

To make matters worse, I saw another Nigerian social media post where someone said; “With the rate at which Nigerians are blindly willing to support a certain political party regardless of its incompetence; I now understand why the people chose to save Barabas over an innocent Jesus”..

This statement was the nail that sealed my coffin of fear and anxiety over my future as a Nigerian still living in Nigeria.

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Between JAPA and self-assessment | Naija News

When I was younger, I used to say that I would rather stay in my home than live in a country where I would be regarded as a third-class citizen and treated unfairly. The older me probably laughed at my foolishness. Nigeria at present worries me. The feeling of safety is long gone.

The only thing green about this country might just be the Nigerian flag. Corruption and bad leadership are the new normal. There is more news about killings and kidnappings than good governance in the media today. As a little child, I remember my regular trips to the village every December. Fast forward to December 2022; it is almost Christmas and I dare not think about traveling because of how unsafe our roads are.

Nigeria is that toxic relative easier to love from a distance.

But we can not all run away. What do we do if the people choose Barabas over Jesus? Some of us will be left behind to deal with our unfortunate luck. With the coming election, I hope we are able to stir this country in the right direction.

Right now, it feels like the light at the end of the tunnel is located in a different country.


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