TikToker Very Dark Man shades haters as Davido follows him on Instagram

TikToker Very Dark Man shades haters as Davido follows him on Instagram

Popular Tiktoker Martins Vincent Otse, also known as Very Dark Man, has written a warning to his detractors after singer Davido followed him on Instagram.

TikToker Very Dark Man and Davido

Using his social media profile, the Tiktoker let them know that their opinions of him were no longer relevant as long as Davido, whom he identifies as the top Afrobeat artist in the world, recognized him as such.

He noted how many come to his DMs to troll and bully him, calling him dirty and broke. Some even go as far as trolling his family, forgetting that he is human and can be emotional.

He is no longer disturbed by the hurtful things they say to him, though, and has found solace in his new friendship with Davido. He sent a screenshot of a direct message Davido had sent him in which he acknowledged his appreciation for his skits and content.

“In as much as I come out as someone who is emotionally strong, you should also consider that I am human. I can never understand why I get insulted and bullied, because of my opinion. Some people go as far as coming into my DMs to insult me and my family uncalled for because of my opinion. They broke shame me, calling me dirty, but it’s fine.

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Anytime I want to think about that, I check my DMs and I see a message from Davido, he said he gbadun me and he follows me. That means if I am sad, he is now my guy, I will text him and he will console me.

If the number one Afrobeat artiste in the world is following me, then who told you that your opinion matters. All you have to do is insult me.”

Taking to comment section, many noted how the hatred and trolls from netizens is what pushes him forward.

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