Timini Egbuson involved in cheating scandal

Timini Egbuson involved in cheating scandal

A couple of months ago, photos of Nollywood actor, Timini Egbuson and his teenage girlfriend caused uproar on social media; in a developing story, the thespian has been called out once again for reportedly cheating on her.


During the early hours of Monday, September 14, Timini’s girlfriend, Lydia Agahan was involved in an altercation with another identified as Oritse Toju on the microblogging site, Twitter.


Lydia had taken the first shot in tweets she shared on Twitter days ago. In the tweets, she talked about “showing she is mad”.


During their back and forth on the social media platform, Toju respected that she slept with Timini on several occasions; she stated ‘Yes, I slept with him, not once, not twice…’


According to Toju, she is unapologetic about the incident and she is prepared to publicly admit that she was entangled with the Nollywood actor.


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Toju also admonished Lydia to control her man (Timini Egbuson) and desist from dragging her on social media. As a matter of fact, she threatened to physically assault Lydia should they meet in a public place.


Here is a photo of Lydia, Timini’s girlfriend.
Toju, the lady who claimed she slept with Lydia’s partner, Timini Egbuson.


Both ladies made shocking revelations during their heated argument on social media.


Read how the controversy hovering around Timini Egbuson started;


“I’ve been freeing your stupid ass you no leave me, slept with your fucking boyfriend are you the first?

You want to form on sight with me Everytime gimme a time and a place Lydia I’ll beat you up

When you see me pull up on me Lydia let’s end this p abeg if you point at me one more time in public I’ll destroy your face”


Continue reading what she wrote;

“Lydia please focus on your education or come let me train you. Leave me the fuck alone

You don’t want me to have peace you won’t have peace you want to rack come let’s actually do it what the hell did i do to you? Go and control your man don’t fucking try me”

Since the allegations surfaced on social media, several trolls have dragged the movie actor.


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