‘Tinubu Is Greedy; That’s Why He Fell Out With Ambode’ – PDP

‘Tinubu Is Greedy; That’s Why He Fell Out With Ambode’ – PDP

The Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Lagos state, Adegbola Dominic, has revealed the reason behind the rift between Governor Akinwunmi Ambode and his political godfather, Bola Tinubu is due to the latter’s overbearing and greedy nature.

Dominic was speaking to the media on Wednesday in Lagos while also expressing surprise that Ambode couldn’t muster a fight against Tinubu especially since he has the resources of the state at his disposal.

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He said, “ I was partly surprised because I expected Ambode an incumbent governor to have a will of his own, to know what he wants and go for it.

“Apparently, he wasn’t happy because he knew that Tinubu was overbearing and has cornered all the resources of the state. So, the governor wanted a change and that was what caused the problem between them.

“Now, Tinubu sensing that the governor is unhappy with him just came and howled at him like a bulldog and Ambode just cowered without even a fight. That is very surprising to me.

“He behaved like a man who does not have conviction. I expected that with the resources at his disposal and the power of incumbency he enjoys, he will be able to fight for what he believed is right.

“The fact that he cowered in the face of Tinubu’s howling is what surprises me. But he is also a product of Tinubu’s system.

“He connived with Tinubu and the others to put all the resources of Lagos state into Tinubu’s hand and himself.

“But I still expected that a man of his calibre who is an incumbent governor and who knows all the dubious activities of Tinubu can still cower just like that. It is very surprising to me.”

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