Tips for Side Chick Who Wants to Be Main Chic

Tips for Side Chick Who Wants to Be Main Chic

Who is a side chick?

A woman who overcompensates to gain affection from a taken man who uses her. The man sees no true value in her womanhood, and her tolerance of his behavior is a direct reflection of her low self-esteem. She settles for less, while treating him like a king, and gives him unlimited passes to degrade, devalue, and disrespect her without the expectation of commitment.

When thinking of a Side Chick, Mistress the first thing that comes to mind is usually, homewrecker, slut, whore, many more used to describe this immoral woman who uses her feminine wiles to attract and dominate the attention of a married man.

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To understand the Side Chick, one must first understand what makes a man want to have a woman on the side in the first place. It is your job, as a woman who only desires to be the “Main Chick” or wife, not to get involved with a man who is capable of having a Side Chick.

What to do

Be the opposite of his girlfriend or wife

It is the first rule in war to “Know The Enemy”. You have to know who the main chic is enough to offer the best alternative for him. You cannot do this effectively if you don’t know what you’re up against. Seek out the chic’s flaws, the things about her that irk him which you will expire in your favour. Also learn the reasons he is attracted to you and build on them.

Look your best around him

This follows from the last point in the first move. Accentuate everything about you that stands you out. Without unnecessary elaboration, moderately give you looks an upgrade. And don’t hesitate to let him know without saying it that you went the extra mile on his behalf. Make sure it’s those things about you that excite him that you build on.

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Have the right conversations

Study him like you’re preparing for external examinations. Learn his mannerisms to the point of almost completing his sentences. Observe his moods and the kinds of actions and reactions that cause one mood or the other. Find out what makes him laugh and topics that turn him off. And you’d find out that you’d have the best conversations with him without much effort. He’d come to you first with anything he wishes to discuss with someone else.

Never give any concrete evidence of an affair

Keep your affections sealed and locked away from any third party no matter how close. There’s no end to the number of affairs that have hit the rocks because something got out which should’ve remained secret. This age of social media adds an extra dose of temptation and it’s tough trying to keep stuff to yourself when everyone else is sharing theirs online. But if you wish to displace to main chic, you have to maintain discipline. Don’t give any credible evidence of your affair.

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Stop sleeping with him

At some point, this becomes a necessary move. However, it is a move that must be wisely made with considerable finesse. When the following steps above have been taken and it is observable that the man has taken a very strong liking to you showing a lot more preference for you over the other woman and you have proven your expertise in bed to the point where he will rather wait than lose you, that is when the conditions are optimal to make this highly risky move. If any of these conditions are not met, making this move risks putting all the efforts to get to this stage in jeopardy as it has the potential to drive the man into the arms of another woman willing to offer his the warmth of her thighs and everything in between. So, caution and wisdom must apply here in making this move. You can resume sleeping with him when certainty of being the main chic is guaranteed and you have to make it worth it.

Make a celibacy vow until marriage, and buy yourself a Purity Ring

This is the ultimate. Everything that has come before this ultimately leads to it. Having gained the man for yourself, you now have to secure him for the future. The promise of your success in this case will be determined if you have played all your cards well and you have made it to this point by letting him know that you are one chic that he would rather not lose. Make him understand that it is for his good and nothing will make you happier like if he’s to immediately move the ministry to the permanent site and get the marriage over and done with. And nothing will show him how serious you are like getting yourself a purity ring.

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