Tiwa: Somebody’s mother shouldn’t be doing this! – Peju Akande

Tiwa: Somebody’s mother shouldn’t be doing this! – Peju Akande



“Na Tiwa dey reign.”



A friend sent me what she thought was the so-called sex tape on Tiwa Savage. I’ve no idea why she thought I’d be interested in viewing it after I had already bared my mind on the controversial sex tape.



Thankfully, it didn’t open. I told her I wasn’t interested in viewing anyway and she shouldn’t bother resending.



Anyway, when I said my piece on the noise going on about Tiwa Savage sex tape; I chose to defend her because I felt she was free to make as many sex videos as she wished; with as many partners as she wished and she shouldn’t be judged for that…So long as we don’t see it!

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Tiwa: Somebody’s mother shouldn’t be doing this! – Peju Akande


Once we see it, once it becomes public. Then, we can kick her to eternity and curse her with as much vitriol as we can muster; even when we have our own tapes in our cupboards! Then another friend showed me a video of Tiwa on stage saying in Yoruba; “…he used his penis to deal with me.”



Aww crap!



Though I suspect it to be an old video but even if so; there are some things, some expressions; certain behaviours you should abstain from because you have become a brand, sister! But first off, you are somebody’s mother, Jamil’s angel. He looks up to you to provide guidance, a shield from trolls and wolves and so; you see, talking like a trash collector on stage, just isn’t cool!



Think of Jamil coming across not just your so-called sex tape which we can forgive and say it was no fault of yours that it leaked but your trash talks on stage? Where’s that coming from?



Who’s that supposed to inspire?



What brand will support that?



Which is why when I now began to read “unconfirmed reports” of Tiwa losing four endorsement deals; I know as a PR person; there’s a likelihood brands may be taking a serious consideration at slicing her off!


Tiwa: Somebody’s mother shouldn’t be doing this! – Peju Akande


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It’s one thing to do a sex tape that leaked. Tiwa should have been advised to continue to play the victim. Distance herself from the toy boy who “mistakenly” released it on Snapchat and ask her fans to forgive her. You’ll be surprised that more people will rally around her and shame the devil that made her agree to video herself while having sex in the first place.



But this trash talking Tiwa we are being confronted with doesn’t seem to give a damn about her brand. Maybe she wants to gain the kind of notoriety that Abbas Obesere; the fuji musician of yesteryears was notorious for, but even then, was he this crude?



While this kind of crude talk (also reminds one of Fela Anikulapo’s crude sex talk which we accepted because we knew he was abami eda) may seem acceptable in private circles; just as we can accept her making sex tapes for her own viewing pleasure; talking dirty has no class, you know. You can imply it, suggest it, play around it but hammering it like that is actually uncouth!



Once you represent a brand, an idea, a class of people who think you inspire them to lofty heights; you watch your words, who you associate with, who you let close to you; otherwise, you lose your deals, the deals that help you remain on top; help you pay your bills, help you live above the rest of the crust.



Tiwa: Somebody’s mother shouldn’t be doing this! – Peju Akande


If indeed the so-called sex tape is a publicity stunt, then it means you’re already struggling to remain relevant. It means you are already fighting to ‘reign’ because someone younger; someone sexier, someone who doesn’t need to bare her boobs or bum is upstaging you; which is why losing your deals will not only hurt you; it will hurt the one you seek to protect the most, your son.




You are somebody’s mother, Tiwa. So much is expected of you.

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