Toke Makinwa speaks out against bullying

Toke Makinwa speaks out against bullying


Toke Makinwa has spoken boldly against bullying. In a recent post, the media personality asked a couple of thought-provoking questions pertaining to bullying.


Sharing a question from Rhythm FM’s Twitter handle about bullying; Toke asked how parents will ensure their kids are not bullies or the victims.


“If your child gets bullied in school and he/she comes home to report to you; what would be your reaction and how would you resolve the situation?”


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The OAP then went on to recall an incident where her mother refused to give her lunch; simply because she came home crying that she had been slapped in school.


She said that the following day, her mother marched her to school and asked her to slap back.


Toke then went on to ask if her mother’s approach was right. Further, she asked parents what approach is best when it comes to teaching their kids to handle bullying.


She wrote: “Where do you draw the line from telling your kid to fight back and he/she becomes the bully or a violent person, let’s be honest not all school authorities sort out this issues properly.


“The emotional trauma from bullying runs deep, some people become so timid through life, we need to discuss more effective measures to teach kids to rise above it. Hearing so many sad stories that still make the persons flinch telling them.”



The media personality has not been one to shy away from baring her thoughts; although many consider her views on marriage and relationships a bit controversial and often impractical.

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