Toke Makinwa demands friends to embrace ugly truths

Toke Makinwa demands friends to embrace ugly truths

Nigerian media personality, Toke Makinwa has spoken about her friends on social media.


The Nigerian media personality stated that it is important to inform your friends of the ugly truth.


She mentioned that true friendship is about being truthful and desisting from lies, deceit, and other forms of manipulations.


According to her, friendship isn’t about only drinking champagne and having good times. She shared this thought on her Instastories.


Here is what she wrote;

Part of growing up is being able to tell your friends the truth without wavering.



She continued;

I have been the friend that condoned bad behaviour in the past till it was done to me.

Tell your friends the truth,

Friendship is not only drinking champagne and the good times;

Friendship is the uncomfortable truth too.”



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In other news, Ghanaian actress, Kafui Danku admonished men never to feel belittled due to the size of their manhood.


She published this on her social media platform.



Here is what Toke Makinwa wrote;

“I’ve heard women oftentimes in real life and on social media criticized men who may not be that “well endowed” thus bruising their egos.
”I can tell you that some men are actually big for NOTHING!
”Enjoyment doesn’t necessarily depend on size.”
She continued;
“You could tell the guy in the video is frustrated and made mention of the fact that she has been complaining about him etc…
”Guys, don’t let any woman pressure you about your size; that’s how you were created and you cannot come and kill yourself.
”But also, note that there are several ways of enjoying s*x not just necessarily “pounding” Women; stop Pen 🖊 size shaming….

”Our body sizes, boobie sizes, and the rest are not the same.”

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