Toke Makinwa says she’s all about sexual benefits

Toke Makinwa says she’s all about sexual benefits

Nigerian media personality, Toke Makinwa who recently flaunted her new man on social media has reacted after a troll told her current boo is just there for the sexual benefits he gets.


This is coming after Toke shared a photo of herself posing in the snow and making reference to the “man that is currently eating my work”.


A follower responded, telling her that the man will soon recreate the photo with another woman he’s actually crazy about.


The follower went on to say that Toke’s current man is “just about the c**chie”.


And Toke responded: “I’m just about the D xx.”


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Read the exchange below.


“We never really grow old …..

”Told the man that is currently eating my work to let us take our own Lori n Michael picture in the snow. The bush in him is too strong 💪🏼. I gave up”



Read further;


Toke Makinwa is a Nigerian radio personality, television host, vlogger, also lifestyle entrepreneur; as well as author.


In an emotional note that she published on Tuesday, November 3; the media personality reflected on not having a child of her own.


She revealed in the Instagram post that she is exhausted and frustrated; as she has been unable to conceive.


The post reads in part;


“I was stressed emotionally, exhausted spiritually, working round the clock feeling empty cos I had so many expectations; and it seemed like the devil heard me brag so loud about how good God has been to me.


”He decided to test my mind.


”Falling sick after God told me the plague in the land will not visit my family; oh I had expectations that this time November 2020.


”I will be posting baby on the way pictures, but my belly is still flat, and my waist is still disappearing.


”The only thing I had going for me was work.”


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