Tolani, Femi Otedola’s daughter dreams of selling akara

Tolani, Femi Otedola’s daughter dreams of selling akara

Nigerian recording artiste, Tolani has taken to social media to seek interpretation to her ‘akara’ dream.


Tolani, the first daughter of oil magnate as well as billionaire business mogul, Femi Otedola revealed in a social media post that she had a dream where she saw herself selling bean cake which is colloquially known as akara.


She shared this on her social media platform, Twitter on Saturday, May 22.


The recording artiste mentioned that she saw herself selling the popular Nigerian recipe to her father’s friends.



Here is what she wrote;

In a dream last night, I was behind a fast-food counter; like the kind you see at McDonald’s or KFC; fully in uniform and hairnet. And I was making and selling akara.”


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She concluded;

WTF is the meaning of that?!!”

The songstress reposted a rejoinder on her Instagram account.

She added;

“Honestly, my dreams are wild.

I even left out the part where I was selling akara sandwich to someone I know.

One of popsy’s friends.”


Expectedly, fans of the singer-songwriter have taken to the comment section to react to her post.


Majority of commenters have given various humorous interpretations to the dream; meanwhile, 1st News has gathered a cross-section of comments from the social media platform.


Read them below.


Equally important, Tolani Otedola is the first child of oil mogul, Femi Otedola. She’s half-sister of DJ Cuppy as well as actress, Temi Otedola.


She is a talented singer-songwriter.

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