Tolanibaj, BBNaija star under fire for calling Nigerians colourist

Tolanibaj, BBNaija star under fire for calling Nigerians colourist

Netizens have taken to the social media platform, Twitter to drag reality star, Tolanibaj for calling Nigerians, colourist.


Tolanibaj real name Tolani Shobajo made the comment on the microblogging site, Twitter. She revealed that she has been unable to receive any notable endorsement or garner a profound fan base because of her skin complexion.


Specifically, colourism is discrimination based on skin colour, also known as racism; colourism, or shadeism.


It is a form of prejudice or discrimination in which people who are usually members of the same race are treated differently based on the social implications which come with the cultural meanings which are attached to skin colour.



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Tolani’s statement failed to resonate appropriately with fans of the reality show.


Prior to publishing the now controversial post on Twitter, a Netizen eulogized the work ethics and beauty of the reality star. As a matter of fact, the Twitter user, @Pamziness acknowledged that Tolanibaj deserved better.


Here is what she wrote;

Some things don’t add up.

Tolani baj is such a top babe.

She has a strong character, she’s ambitious, her work ethic is insane.

Herself assurance& confidence is top-notch.

She’s absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

Y doesn’t sh hv 1 of th biggest fanbases in bbn ths yr?

Damn Colorism is real”

In another post, the Twitter user further lauded the reality star and said a word of prayer for her.
Continue reading what she wrote;
Hey @tolanibaj you’re beautiful, you’re worth it, you’re lovely.
In fact, you’re smart, you’re phenomenal, you’re strong, you’re gorgeous from the tip of your toes to the depths of your soul.

Keep being you, you’re doing amazing thus far you’ll surely be rewarded for all your efforts”

Moments later, the reality star responded to the post on her Twitter.

She mentioned that Nigerians are colourists, hence, it affected her brand. Tolanibaj insinuated that Nigerians prefer a lighter complexioned person; a perspective that would be challenged by netizens.
Read her reaction below.

“Aww, thank you beautiful.

Nigerians are colorists but y’all not ready for this conversation.

P.s: I won’t go back & forth with anyone to defend my statement.
I will block you expeditiously.”
Tolanibaj went on to state that dark-complexioned women deserve to be respected and acknowledged in the entertainment industry.
She continued; “Brown skin women in the industry deserve their accolades too. Stop overlooking them and choosing them last.”
Her comments received majorly negative responses from social media trolls.
Below is a cross-section of the ongoing debate amongst Twitter users. Read them below.



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