Toni Kan: Renowned author resigns from Globacom

Toni Kan: Renowned author resigns from Globacom

Toni Kan, PR expert, writer, and journalist has resigned from his Head of Public relations role at Globacom. The resignation takes effect from Monday, November 14, 2022. He joined Globacom in February 2022.

Toni Kan has had an extensive and multi-disciplinary public relations and communications career which has spanned banking and telecoms, oil and gas, and pharmaceuticals as well as consulting.

He is quitting Glo, according to sources close to him, in order to finish a new novel and explore other opportunities.

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A former editor of Hints magazine which he edited at 26, Toni Kan is a serial entrepreneur. His interests have included radi8 limited, a boutique public relations agency he co-founded in 2010; which he co-founded in 2019; which he co-founded in 2017; The Media Training Room, a training and capacity building venture which he co-founded in 2018 as well as, an online publishing platform which he co-founded in 2014 and sold in 2018 in a landmark deal.

A published author of over 20 books, Mr. Kan is one of Nigeria’s most prolific biographers and ghostwriters. His book, Nights of the Creaking Bed is a recommended text in over 10 Nigerian universities.

Commenting on his new move, Toni Kan said, “working at Glo was an invaluable learning experience. I worked with a crop of talented and well-experienced colleagues and a Chairman who is generous to a fault and a Guru in every sense of the word. I will look back with fondness at the work done, awards won and connections made in the short time I was at Glo.”


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