Tonto Dikeh: “I no longer want a relationship”

Tonto Dikeh: “I no longer want a relationship”

Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh, has reflected on her past as she reveals that she no longer wants a romantic relationship with any man.

The actress’ message follows the renewed clash with her ex lover, Prince Kpokpogri, on Instagram. In an update on her Instastory channel, the mother of one reacted to an opinion; by one of her fans that she was chasing men away from her.

Addressing the concern, she wrote: “Some said I’m scaring men away, sister, do you think after all I have been through I want a man? 

“If this happens, it will be cherry on the icing but my heart’s too damaged and hardened; to ever feel the need to want a relationship. But cruising is allowed.”

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Tonto Dikeh has explained why she can’t live without having intercourse; despite the fact that she has other options.

The actress resorted to Instagram to offer her fans three options; all of which she insisted they delete: [email protected], $600 million, and teeth.

In response to her own puzzle, the mother of one said that she would rather have her teeth extracted; and replaced with artificial ones than have her [email protected] taken away because she wants more children.

As she puts it:

“I can buy whatever kind of teeth I want and have every designer label custom make one for me each..

”Who teeth help..

”I wouldnt take away SEX only because I want more babies, if not who sex help🥳🥸so don’t think am a bad shild!!”






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