Tonto Dikeh: “I wouldn’t be sorry for my reply to Chioma Ifemeludike”

Tonto Dikeh: “I wouldn’t be sorry for my reply to Chioma Ifemeludike”

Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh has taken to her Instagram page to adamantly assert that she wouldn’t be sorry for the manner in which she replied to her colleague, Chioma Ifemeludike.

The squabble between the two thespians began after Chioma Ifemeludike stated that Kemi Olunloyo shouldn’t be ignored over her statement on Sylvester’s death and must be made answerable to the law.

She went on to emphasize how Olunloyo’s constant opinionated interference does the society more harm than good; and continues to fester because everyone keeps choosing to cut her a slack. Ifemeludike strongly took the opposite stand that Olunloyo should be made to answer for her wild contribution to the Sylvester Oromoni case.

Tonto Dikeh in response slammed her by describing her as a Z list actor. Even derogatorily adding that if she took her time to return a comprehensive response, Ifemeludike would land on Apostle’s D*CK.

Pun noted.

Ifemeludike replied to Tonto, but in a more subtle manner; pointing out that everyone was once a Z-list actor. And stating that ‘the last shall be the first and the first the last’. She went on to underscore her point by posting a photo of Tonto Dikeh and a few other colleagues in the very early stages of their career.

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Amid the heat of things, Tonto Dikeh decided to pen a lengthy note on Instagram where she clarified issues but held on to the fact that she isn’t sorry for her response to Chioma.

Tonto Dikeh

In her words:

“Please I would not be tolerating any Distraction,
Am even pissed I had to reply to that lady but the deed has been done!!
And I wldnt be sorry for that, but you wldnt be hearing from me again!!
Sorry to everyone I disappointed with that reply, POKO is a strong force .. I battle to keep her Good🥰🥺”

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