Top 10 Classic Nollywood Movies Throwbacks

Top 10 Classic Nollywood Movies Throwbacks

Prior to the arrival of the advent of social media and high definition movies, Nigeria films were mostly recorded on low budget productions and later sold in video cassettes and VCD during the early 2000s.

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the primary themes of the late 90s movies and early 2000s focused on serious issues that were affecting the society, there were numerous storylines that were deeper than the current movie storylines.

Nowadays, Nollywood movies have higher definitions and the storylines are television friendly. The themes are more about romance and relationships, comedy and focused on creative ideas rather than serious blood-sucking movies of the 90’s such as Rituals, Diamond ring, Nneka the snake girl, etc. to name a few.

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Here are the ten Nollywood movies that were very popular back in the days.

  1. Checkmate

2. Issakaba.

3. Osoufia in London

4. Glamour girls

5. Igodo

6. Aki and Pawpaw

7. Karashika

8. Blood Sister

9. Dangerous twins

10. Blood Money

It was indeed a great time to relive those childhood nostalgia and seek the reunion of Aki and Pawpaw to create a hilarious movie for our to laugh our hearts out or await Kanayo O. Kanayo to mislead Clement Ohameze into his occult society so that he can get rich quick.

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