Toyin Lawani: Surprise bridal shower ruined

Toyin Lawani: Surprise bridal shower ruined

On Tuesday, June 8, the Nigerian serial entrepreneur and celebrity stylist, Toyin Lawani, better known as TiannahsPlaceEmpire published on her social media platform, Instagram,  how her friend’s plan to surprise her was thrown off the window. Recall Toyin Lawani got engaged to her photographer boyfriend, Segun Wealth real name, Segun Adebayo a couple of weeks ago.


The love story has a lot of controversies surrounding it; however, their love has continued to thrive. Recently, their wedding hashtag #theartistandhismuse2021 has been making waves on social media, albeit, the date remains undisclosed. The fashion designer, Toyin Lawani stated in the video how her friend who just returned to Nigeria invited her for a business meeting at a lounge, and upon arrival, the gateman asked them; “Are you here for the bridal shower?”


According to the fashion designer, she revealed that her friend immediately began raining insults on the gateman; while she laughed.


She continued in her narration:

“When you’re trying to surprise me ,but your village people are against you”


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Equally important, Toyin Lawani revealed via her Instagram page that she only goes on date with wealthy men.


The fashion connoisseur revealed that men who want to go on a date with her must pay at least N2 million.


The fashion designer revealed that she is getting strings of DMs from male admirers following her announcement of being single. In fact, celebrity stylist also said that being single doesn’t mean that she is officially stupid as her taste is extremely high.


Below is what she wrote:

I said I was officially single, doesn’t mean I’m officially stupid, my taste is extremely high.

You must pay 2 million Naira to my account before I Go on A date with you , ( Date means eat and talk Oo not to raise leg up ooo ) so if you are ugly I can Japaaa Quickly and won’t be upset with myself that I left my work where I get my Bread to make time for you.



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