Transferred Aggression: Ways to deal with it

Transferred Aggression: Ways to deal with it


Transferred Aggression


This is when you channel your anger to a person or something that is not the cause of that anger.

Simply put, someone or something annoyed you, and then you put the anger on something or someone else.

This is also known as Misplaced or displaced Anger.

Transferred aggression just like frustration, is very common especially in countries like Nigeria, where nothing is working.

People just walking about angry at what should be, but isn’t, and many, have bitter experiences due to this issue.

Parents transfer aggression on their children; bosses do same to employees, the rich, do so to the poor, neighbors against neighbors, just any underdog gets it.

You have a little misunderstanding with someone, and the person just lashes out at you, and you wonder “what the heck?, Sometimes you didn’t even do anything.


Transferred aggression occurs when the reason for that anger is unreachable for whatever reason.


That means either the person is not there or the person is above you, just unreachable.


The scary fact is that, there is really not much awareness about this; people do not really know that they carry anger within them, until they start “boiling” without knowing why.


They get into trouble, without planning to.


They can’t just remember, where that anger they felt in that situation came from.


We need to start searching within us, reach deep inside of you, and find out if there is any anger within and if you find something, please do not ignore.

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Ways to avoid aggression

These are some of the ways we can avoid transferring aggression.

They might not be totally foolproof, but, they will go a long way, in helping.

To avoid transferring aggression, we need to deal with anger and not push it down or ignore it.

Do not constantly focus on things that are annoying.

Avoid situations that you know gets you angry. Stay away from toxic situations.

Try and find something that will make you happy, even in the worst of situations.

No matter how bad the situation is, there’s is something that you can be thankful for.

Consciously look for positive ways to disperse any anger you feel, before it gets you into trouble.

Get professional help.


Join anger management classes, you can find some online.


Talk to a friend, mentor or family.



Transferred Aggression: Ways to deal with it



If possible, try and resolve the issue amicably, with the source of the anger.


Do not delay the issue/ anger resolution.


Be sincere with yourself

When we are under stress, the tendency for you to be aggressive is very high. But you can comfortably checkmate it, if we involve family members, friends and even loved ones.

Give them the opportunity to always call you to order when you start to exhibit aggression.


Protect yourself

Since aggression sometimes comes with violence, it will be wise to stay off any confrontational and hostile person to save your life.

If in a public space and you don’t feel comfortable it is best to leave, seek help if necessary.

Contact law enforcement agency if the need arises.


Always stay in the midst of happy people

Happiness will always breed happiness.

Make it a responsibility to always stay in the midst of happy people and do not forget to make yourself happy.

Anger has led to a lot of atrocities.

Many are in prison, in a state of injury or dead due to anger.

As much as it depends on you, avoid keeping anger.


The Bible says that anger lies in the bosom of fools. And I know that no-one will deliberately be a fool or remain in the state of foolishness.










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