Trevor Noah explains the #EndSARS plight on The Daily Show (Video)

Trevor Noah explains the #EndSARS plight on The Daily Show (Video)

As calls to abolish the anti-robbery force known as SARS grow in Nigeria, protests against law enforcement show that police brutality isn’t solely an American issue, Trevor Noah said on Tuesday. The Daily Show host used his “If You Don’t Know Now You Know” segment to educate viewers on the push for social justice in Nigeria and also why #EndSARS has gained the social media support of Kanye West, Rihanna, Hillary Clinton, NeNe Leakes and more.

“This issue isn’t just unique in the U.S. Whether it’s U.S. police targeting Black Americans or Nigerian police targeting other Nigerians; police also know they can abuse their power without any ramifications; because the people they arrest don’t have the power to respond,” Noah said.



He also joked that the Nigerian movement is a monumental one; considering that “the only time Nigerians get united is if their team’s playing the World Cup; or they’re shitting on other countries.” The host explained that the anti-robbery force has been targeting a range of Nigerians; mostly those who dress fancily or own luxury items.

The random and sporadic targeting; isn’t just but it also isn’t unique as police officers in America continue to racially profile and Black Americans; a number of whom become victims of police brutality or are wrongfully charged.

Trevor Noah used the segment to draw parallels between the anti-police brutality protests in American and Nigeria; and even compared how law officials and politicians have responded to the demonstrations.

“It’s amazing how around the world; ‘law and order’ seems to be code for beat the shit out of these protestors,” he said, referring to Trump’s response to the Black Lives Matter protestors.

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