True Confession: ‘After sleeping with a married woman, my manhood is dead’

True Confession: ‘After sleeping with a married woman, my manhood is dead’

“Dear Editor,

My name is Peter, a 28-year-old man with a very big problem that I hope your readers would be of help in giving me some good pieces of advice to solve it.

Before I tell my pathetic story, I want to sound this warning to young men out there that they should stay away from married women no matter the pressure such women put on them.

Apart from wanting a solution to my problems, I also want to issue this warning to all men to avoid married women like the plague because once a woman is married, she should be out of reach and not for any other man apart from her husband.

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I learned my lessons the hard way and I do not want other men to fall victims of the shenanigans of married women.

I met this stunning lady at a wedding reception last year and though I did not initially have any intentions of hitting on her, she came so strong and before I knew it, we had exchanged numbers and contacts.

I had forgotten about her when two days later, she called me and said she would like to see me again. She told me she had fallen in love with me and would not want me to stay away from her.

That weekend, she came to my house and stayed till Sunday when she left. That was when I knew she was a married woman with three kids. She told me she was having issues with her husband who never appreciated her and starved her of sex.

She added that all she wanted was a man who would satisfy her sexual urge with no strings attached.

Before she left, she gave me a huge amount of money and promised me more as long as I was there for her.

In my stupidity, I thought I had found a meal ticket and what would I stand to lose? Was it not just to keep having sex with her and getting compensated?

But how wrong I was. Barely three months into the adulterous affair, I got a text message from a man who claimed to be her husband, warning me to stay away from his wife or I would not end up well.

The next time she came to visit, I showed her the message and she confessed that her husband had gone through her messages and found out we were dating. But she assured me that there was nothing to fear as her husband was just blowing hot air.

But not long after that, the man proved himself. It happened when my fiancee who had been in school came to visit me. When it was time to have sex, I noticed that my manhood refused to get erect no matter what she did to me.

I attributed it to work stress but the next time, it was still the same. I became worried because my manhood had never failed me. Tried as much as we did, it would not get up.

A few days later, I went to see my doctor and after running a test on me, the doctor said there was nothing wrong with me and advised I should not worry about it as that could cause more anxiety.

But it is six months now since the problem started and I still can’t get my manhood to function. This has affected my relationship with my fiancee and she has threatened to call it quits with me as she cannot marry an impotent man.

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I have taken different drugs, gone to prostitutes to see if my manhood would rise but to no avail.

In my desperation, I went to a native doctor who told me the husband of the woman I slept with had ‘locked’ my manhood and he was the only one who could reverse the curse.

I have been running from pillar to post in search of a solution but nothing has changed.

Is there anyone out there who can be of help?


Dear readers, on True Confession today, what would you advise Peter to do so as to get his manhood back to normal?

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