True Confession: After Sponsoring Her In School, She Says I’m Not Educated

True Confession: After Sponsoring Her In School, She Says I’m Not Educated

“Dear Editor,
My name is Nduka, a 42-year-old businessman in Lagos. I am a very angry and bitter man right now after a lady I trained through school, spent so much money on and even helped her family to come out of poverty with the hope of getting married to her turned around to hurt me real bad.

This is one sad black man who needs advise
This is one sad black man who needs advise

I know many who read this, just as many of my friends have been telling, will take me for a fool for training a lady in school without making her my wife in the first place but do not blame me because I was so much in love and thought I had found one in Onyinyechi.
Little did I know that she will turn around to hurt me the way she did after all my efforts and suffering to make her someone in life.
I know I did not go to school beyond secondary school but I have made a success of myself after undergoing an apprenticeship for seven good years.
My problems started five years ago when my parents took it upon themselves to make life a living hell for me because of my love life. They, especially my mother, felt that as a successful young man, the only thing that was lacking in my life was a wife.
She matched me up to so many ladies in our village but none of them caught my fancy till I was introduced to Onyinye who just passed out of secondary school with no hope of furthering her education because her parents were so poor and could not afford it.
I fell in love with Onyinye the moment I met her and made my intentions to get married to her but I insisted that she should continue her education despite warnings from my family. My mother was of the opinion that she should have kids first before going back to school but I refused.
My father said we should do a full wedding before she went back to school but I was comfortable with the traditional introduction we had and felt she would never disappoint me. How stupid I was!
That year, Onyinye got admission into the University and I vowed she would not lack anything and matched my words with action. I did not stop there as I also made sure her family enjoyed my magnanimity.
When she told me her parents were suffering in the village, I sent them some money to set up a business and brought one of her younger brothers to learn my trade under me in Lagos.
What more could I have done for Onyinye to show her how much I loved her only for her to dump me after she graduated from the university?
I was shocked when in her final year, she would refuse to come to visit me every month end like we had agreed and had been doing in the past four years. When I asked her, she said it was because she was preparing for her final exams.
And even when she finished, she refused to come and see me, explaining that she needed to spend time with her parents and rest in the village.
But I was shocked when she sent me a text message that she was sorry she would not go ahead with the marriage as I was uneducated and not up to her status.
I have tried everything to talk sense into her but she has refused to reason with me and is hell-bent on going her way. Some of my friends say I should let her go as God will give me a woman worthy of me while my parents insist I must collect every dime I spent on Onyinye and her family.
Even youths in our community have vowed to wreak havoc on her family but I have been the one stopping them as I don’t actually know what to do.
Please help me here.
Dear readers, after going through Nduka’s story of betrayal, what do you think he should do.

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