True Confession: ‘I want to divorce my husband after only 7 months’

True Confession: ‘I want to divorce my husband after only 7 months’

“Dear Editor,

My name is Hauwa. I am a 27-year-old woman who just got married seven months ago; but I am living in regret because my husband, Tola, lives a double life and I want to divorce him.

I made the greatest mistake of my life by accepting to marry Tola; and if I stay in this marriage, I will live with regrets all my life after I discovered that Tola is not the man he made me believe he was.

I met Tola at a colleague’s wedding a year ago. And I cannot say ours was love at first sight. When he asked me out, I was not really up for a relationship. But after some months of constant communication and pestering me, I decided to give him a trial.

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One thing with Tola is that he has an aura that can sweep any woman off her feet; and coupled with that, he seemed to be well-to-do. He was always traveling out of the country for one business or the other; and whenever he visited me, he would come with different flashy cars. He would take me and my friends out for some good treats.

He had told me he was into the importation of computers, as well as other electronics. I had no reason to doubt him.

Though he told me he was from Ibadan, Tola refused to take me to his family house. He told me he only stayed in hotels whenever he came into Nigeria.

Even when he came to visit me, he would either stay in my house or in hotels.

I should have noticed something sinister because whenever I asked him to take me to his office or that I wanted to meet with members of his family, Tola would bring up one excuse or the other just to stall me.

But I was madly in love with him. When he proposed marriage to me after six months, I accepted and took him to meet my family. He later took me to meet his ‘parents’, though I was later to find out they were not his real parents.

After we got married, Tola moved into my house. He told me he was renovating a house he bought for us in Lekki, and that we would soon move in.

I noticed that all the while, Tola was borrowing money from me. He was telling me his goods were held up either by the Customs; or people were owing him and had refused to pay up.

I believed him, after all, he was my husband and I had vowed to stand by him.

But a month ago, the truth struck me in the face when a woman came to visit me and told me Tola was nothing but a fraudster who preyed and lived off women.

The woman told me that my husband was married to three other women whom he used as his meal tickets.

The woman said most of the cars he drove were owned by the women. According to her, my husband was a known gigolo and fraudster who used and dumped women at will.

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At first, I did not believe the woman but I began making some private investigations and found out that all the woman told me were the truth.

Since I found out who my husband really is, he has not come back home and some friends I confided in have all told me to file for a divorce.

I know I still love him but if I stay, I know I will end up in regret.


Dear readers, Hauwa has been used and about to be dumped by Tola and after going through her story on True Confession today, what do you think she should?

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