True Confession: ‘He made me leave my husband, now he has dumped me’

True Confession: ‘He made me leave my husband, now he has dumped me’

“Dear Editor,

My name is Adenike, a 34-year-old woman who should be in her husband’s house but due to my greed, I have been left in the lurch by my man-friend.

I know I brought this shame on my head as I have lost on both fronts. I can say it was my love for things of the world and bad advice from friends that have pushed me into this mess as all those friends have now abandoned me.

I am writing this to warn other women in my shoes or those tempted to think that the grass is greener out there to have a rethink as all that glitter is not gold.

Before I found myself in this predicament, I was married to a loving man and we had two children but along the line, my husband lost his job and things became quite difficult for us.

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The company he worked before the retrenchment, gave us just three weeks to park out of our official quarters and we had to get a room and parlour apartment in a crowded house to manage while my husband tried to get another job.

All his efforts at getting another job proved abortive and things went from bad to worse when our children had to stop school when they were sent home because of fees.

My small business was all we depended on and when things became too difficult for us to bear, my friend Lara, promised to introduce me to a rich chief who was a friend to her man-friend who could help.

Lara is married but that did not stop her from having affairs and she kept pressurizing me to accept the man as my secret lover.

When we went to see the man, he told me he would only help me if we should start a relationship. Initially, I refused and told him I was married and he told me to leave his guest house as he was not ready to throw his money on someone he would not gain anything from.

After about some months and with our landlord giving us just one week to park out of his house when we could not renew our rent, I went back to Lara who took me to the chief again and he insisted on having an affair with me and I had no option but to agree.

That was the beginning of my journey to this quagmire. Chief slept with me on the first day and gave me money with which I used to pay our rent and lied to my husband that I got a loan from our women cooperative.

After the first day, I kept seeing the chief secretly and he spoilt me silly with money and other material things and with time, I was able to open two other shops and stocked them with goods.

I even gave my husband money to set up a business and when he asked where I got the money from, I told him I was involved in a contributory scheme.

But somewhere along the line, chief told me he was no longer comfortable with me sneaking around to see him and said he wanted to make me his third wife and if I wanted to continue enjoying the good things he was giving me, I must leave my husband.

Like a sheep being led to the slaughter slab, I agreed to leave my husband and marry chief. I guess he must have hypnotized me because I just packed out of my home and moved into one of chief’s houses and despite several remonstrations from our families and friends, I was not ready to listen to anyone.

But the scale has been lifted off my eyes after living with chief as a live-in lover for two years when he told me one day to vacate his house as his new wife was coming in.

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I thought he was joking but he sent his boys who forcefully threw my things out of the house and told me never to come close to chief again.

Not only that, but he has also closed my shops and the accounts he opened for me and I am now the greatest loser anyone can think of.

My husband and children would not have anything to do with me while my family has disowned me for bringing shame to them.


Dear readers, after going through Adenike’s story on True Confession today, what do you think she should do?

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