True Confession: ‘Help: I am pregnant for my pastor’

True Confession: ‘Help: I am pregnant for my pastor’

“Dear Editor,
My name is Favour, a 24-year-old young lady. I am presently in a dilemma as I am pregnant for my married pastor and don’t know what to do with my life as everything seems to be crumbling for me.
As I write this letter to you, I am full of regrets and I don’t know how my life will turn out to be because of the shame this pregnancy will bring to me as the praise and worship leader, choir leader and someone others look up to.
My parents, especially my mother, an ordained deacon will surely die of the shame and disgrace due to my act, not to talk of the pastor’s marriage as I am very sure his marriage will be shattered.

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The church too will not be spared as I am certain this could cause it to scatter. I know many will say I should terminate the pregnancy but I tell you I am not that stupid.
I tried getting an abortion when the pregnancy was just one month but to no avail. I first took some drugs which, under normal circumstances, would have flushed it out easily but when that did not happen, I went to see a doctor who said I had to do a D&C but after conducting some tests, he warned me against it.
He said I could either lose my life in the process, or that I may lose my womb and not be able to
I remember how it all started and how my pastor started having sex with me. As the praise and worship leader and worker in the church, I was more like the pastor’s secretary as he always likes having me around to help him do so many things.
After church services, I must stay back to help out with arranging his office, sorting out prayer requests, getting him his food from an eatery, checking and approving his visitors, etc.
Even when he gets invited for ministration, I had to go with him and we lodged in the same hotels though in different rooms but on one of such ministrations, he called me into his room one late night and like a scene in a movie, one thing led to the other and we ended up having sex.
When we were done, he confessed that I had made him feel like a real man; he said he had never had it so good in his life and even his wife was a learner when it came to sex.
We continued stealing every moment to have sex; in his office, in his car, in his house, hotels, and at one time, on the pulpit when everyone had left.
Little did I know that God had a punishment laid for me till I missed my period and a test confirmed I was pregnant.

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When I told the pastor that I was pregnant, he insisted I should terminate it as it would ruin him, And after every effort to abort the baby proved abortive, my pastor is now denying responsibility and has vowed to lay a curse on me if I ever let it out that he is responsible.
Apart from the curse, he has threatened to make sure I die if I dare try to pin the pregnancy on him.
I am very worried and I fear for my life.
I need urgent advice, please.
Dear readers, we have a delicate situation on our hands here. After going through Favour’s story on True Confession, what do you think Favour should do?

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