True Confession: ‘Help: My housemaid has snatched my husband from me’

True Confession: ‘Help: My housemaid has snatched my husband from me’

“Dear Editor,

My name is Natasha, a married mother of three who has lost my husband to my housemaid. I have been married for 10 years now but in the past six months, it seems my housemaid has taken over my duties; and my husband does not see anything wrong in that.

In fact, he relishes in the fact that the girl is doing everything for him. She is also washing his underwear and cooking his meals.

I got the girl, Emem, a 19-year-old lady from one of the southern states; from an agency about two years ago after the birth of my third child, and after my last housemaid left unceremoniously.

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As a career woman, I needed someone to help take care of my baby; as well as do the chores at home while I am away.

The girl, in truth, is very hard working and makes the house spic and span at all times. And my children seem to take to her like a second mother.

Emem integrated into the household easily and practically took over the running of the home like cooking, washing and even ironing my husband’s clothes.

My husband, Mike, has always been someone who is very difficult to please but if you get into his good books, he would do everything possible to show his appreciation.

At first, he complained about Emem doing practically everything in the house including cooking and serving his meals but I told him there is nothing to it.

Little did I know I was digging my own grave because about six months ago, he began to show more interest in Emem and her affairs. He bought her new clothes and even volunteered to take her to the market and the salon to make her hair.

With time, he stopped eating any food I prepare, preferring Emem to cook for him. I became more worried when sex became a chore and very boring with him. I asked him several times whether I had offended him in any way but he kept coming up with one excuse or the other, ranging from tiredness to office pressure.

Even sitting together as a husband and wife became an issue for us and we had serious issues over minor issues we would normally laugh over.

Then one night, it all came to the fore when he called out Emem’s name while we were making love.

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When I confronted him on that, he told me plainly that he was in love with her. He said he would gladly make her his second wife. When I threatened to send her away, Mike told me never to contemplate. He said I would rather be the one to go.

I think this housemaid has given my husband a love potion and I don’t know what to do.

Please, can someone out there help me out?


Dear readers, on True Confession today, what would you do if you find yourself in Natasha’s shoes?

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