True Confession: ‘Help: My husband used juju to marry me’

True Confession: ‘Help: My husband used juju to marry me’

Dear Editor,

My name is Toyin, a 38-year-old woman who has been married for 12 years only to realize that my husband used juju to marry me.

I know many of your readers would wonder how possible is it that I could be married to a man and have kids for him without realizing that I was charmed but I tell you this is real and it happened to me.

Like I said, I got to realize that the man I have been living with used juju on me because for one, I was not in love with him and how I ended up getting married to him still remains a mystery.

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The veil was lifted from my eyes when a friend took me to a very powerful spiritual church and during the deliverance, the prophet called me out and revealed that the man I am currently married to is not my God-ordained husband but that he used juju to get me.

Let me tell you a brief of what really happened.

You see, I was in love with a young man named Lawrence and we were planning our wedding when I ran into Bayo at a party.

The party was very boring and when Bayo approached me, we got talking and he asked me out but I told him that I was engaged and would soon get married.

He kept pressurizing me, calling me at odd times, telling me he loved me and wanted to marry me but I continued telling him I could not date him since I had my own man and our wedding had been fixed.

One day, Bayo sent my close friend to invite me to a function and when I got there, it turned out that he was the host.

He continued putting pressure on me but I told him point blank to let me be and he apologized for disturbing me, promising not to go further.

Later that evening, Bayo brought us drinks and after drinking from my glass, I lost all senses and before I knew it, he was the only person I saw.

I fell madly in love with Bayo and after the party, he took me to his house where we spent the weekend making love.

It happened like magic because a month later, he came to my parents to ask for my hand in marriage but when they told him I was already engaged, I told them it was Bayo I was going to marry and no one else.

When Lawrence got to hear about my intending marriage to another man, he came to my house to find out from me and I told him to leave me alone as I was going to marry Bayo and nothing could stop me.

Lawrance pleaded, cried, begged and even threatened me but I practically chased him out of our house.

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You can then realize my shock when it was revealed to me after 12 years that Bayo, Loye used charms to marry me.

Now I hate the sight of this wicked man and I do not mind killing him but the thought of my children has restrained me.

I want to leave him immediately but my people have forbidden me from coming back to their house.


Dear readers, do you agree that someone can use charms to get married to a woman? On True Confession today, what do you think Toyin should do?

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