True Confession: ‘Help: My pastor insists he must sleep with me to have my baby’

True Confession: ‘Help: My pastor insists he must sleep with me to have my baby’

“Dear Editor,

My name is Adanma, a 38-year-old worried woman as I have been married to three different men in the past 15 years now without a baby to call my own.

As I said, this is my third marriage and the problem of childlessness has always dogged me and in the end, my previous husbands had to either give up or give in to pressure from their families and send me packing.

I have cried my eyes out and petitioned God to make me a fulfilled woman all to no avail. I have gone to several hospitals, conducted tests, went to see spiritualists, both orthodox and native and spent so much money on assignments with all of them assuring me that I would soon have my own child but all there has been nothing to show for it.

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I first got married to Nath when I was 22 and the marriage lasted for five years before his family practically forced me out of the house because I could not give him a child.

After being alone for almost three years, I met Mark who proposed marriage to me but I told him straight up what I was going through and he assured me that he would stick by me no matter what.

But it was just a matter of time before Mark got fed up with my situation and began making life frustrating for me.

Instead of telling me he did not want me again, Mark just left the house one day and for six months, was nowhere to be found, only for him to come back one day with a vehicle and packed all his property.

He told me he had gotten married to a woman who would give him children and that I was free to move on with my life.

That was another moment of tears for me as I was once again, a divorced woman due to my inability to have a child.

I continued seeking the face of God and four years later, I met Danny who also promised me heaven and earth if only I would be his wife.

Knowing that I could not have a biological child of my own, I told Danny I could not marry him but he made me understand that having children was not the reason he wanted me to be his wife.

The first two years of my marriage to Danny were blissful but he suddenly became a changed man and has been making life a hell for me, bringing home several women and when I complain, he would tell me that since I am equally a man, I should not complain if he wants a woman who will have his children.

I was so devastated and I had to run to a spiritual church close to my area where I told the prophet my problems.

The prophet gave me some assignments and days of dry fasting to observe and at the end of it, told me that he had a revelation that he is the only man who can get me pregnant.

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I don’t know if such a revelation is from God or the prophet just wants to take advantage of me but I am in a desperate need of a child to stay in my husband’s house. I have suffered so much. I am tired of getting married and getting thrown out of my home.


Dear readers, having gone through Adanma’s pathetic story on True Confession today, what would you advise her to do?

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