True Confession: ‘Help: None of my 3 children belong to me’

True Confession: ‘Help: None of my 3 children belong to me’

“Dear EDitor,

My name is Basil, a 52-year-old man whose life is gradually crumbling before his very eyes because I just discovered none of the three children I called mine actually belong to me.

My wife has practically finished me and I am sure only her death would wipe out this shame and disgrace that she has put me in.

It is now I know that no matter how long you live with a woman, you may never truly know everything about her.

You can imagine that for the past 20 years, I have been nurturing and taking care of other people’s children, giving them the very best, including sending them to the best schools in the country.

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All these while, my wife Mercy was secretly laughing behind my back knowing that the children I proudly showed off as mine, belong to different men she had been sleeping with all through our marriage.

The truth about the paternity of the children was made known when two elderly family members called me one day when we traveled to the village for the last Christmas and asked me if I am really sure I was the father of my children because my first son had some strange characteristics.

I did not understand what they meant but they said they would not say much but that I should make some investigations.

One of them said they noticed some strange behaviour from the boy that has never manifested in the family.

To stop any further discussion, I told them I would carry out some investigations though I knew in my mind, I would never do such as I was very sure of my children.

Though I must confess that none of the kids looked like me or any member of my family but I had never given that a second thought.

But when we got back to Lagos, the discussion still rang in my head and at a point when I could no longer take it, I took the children to our doctor without Mercy’s knowledge and had the doctor run a secret DNA test on them.

How I wish I did not do that because when the results came out, it turned out that none of the children belonged to me.

I almost fainted when I got the results but I kept calm and when I got home, I asked my wife who was the father of the kids.

Initially, she flared up and started a quarrel but when I showed her the results of the DNA I had with me, she broke down and confessed that the kids were not mine.

She said that when she found out that I could not get her pregnant after five years of marriage and with members of my family on her neck, she had to sleep with other men so as to get pregnant.

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And she did not stop there as she kept sleeping with different men and bringing me children who are not mine.

In the past one month since I made that discovery, I have not been myself and I have made up my mind to kill my wife for doing this to me.


Dear readers, this is another case of serial betrayal and after going through Basil’s pathetic story on True Confession today, how do you think he should handle this very dicey situation?

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