True Confession: ‘How Do I Avoid Sleeping With My Master’s Wife?’

True Confession: ‘How Do I Avoid Sleeping With My Master’s Wife?’
This sad guy needs your advice
This sad guy needs your advice

“Dear Editor,
My name is John and I am a 27-year-old young man working as a driver for an elderly businessman who had the misfortune of getting married to a hot and sexily wild young wife.
My boss is in his 60s while his wife is about 32-years-old. He got married to her after his first wife and mother of his grown-up children died some years ago and needed someone to take care of the home front and cater to his needs.
Apart from being the family driver, I am like a general ‘Man Friday’ because I live in their house and I end up being the cook, cleaner, gardener, gateman, and messenger.

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I do not complain about the extra duties because my boss is a very nice man who takes very good care of me. He treats me like a family member. I have worked with the family for five years now and I can say I have gained a lot from his magnanimity.
But recently, his wife has been making life difficult for me. My boss has been out of the country for three months now and his wife has not let me have a breathing space as she wants me to extend my job schedule to include sleeping with her.
There is no day that passes without her asking me to have sex with her promising me heaven and earth.
Nowadays, she has added another dimension to her demands as she has started threatening me with a sack or telling my boss that I raped her.

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I am really confused. Some friends I narrated my plight have been giving me conflicting advice. While some say I should sleep with her and enjoy the benefits that will come with it, others have warned that I will be courting trouble if I should agree to sleep with her.
What should I do?
Dear readers, having gone through John’s story on True Confession today, what do you think he should do in this situation?

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