True Confession: ‘I am fed up of my 6 months old marriage’

True Confession: ‘I am fed up of my 6 months old marriage’

“Dear Editor,
My name is Adia, a 28-year-old lady. I got married to Joe six months ago but already, I am completely fed up of the marriage and I want out.
I think Joe had charmed me into accepting to marry him because I don’t think I was in my right senses when I agreed to marry him.
I met Joe about a year ago when a friend invited me to their office end of the year party. I was not in any serious relationship then after I had broken up with my boyfriend of five years and I was still hurting.
In fact, my friend invited me to the party to try and take my mind off the pains and emotional trauma I was going through.

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At the party, while everyone was having fun, I was in a corner all by myself still sulking. That was when Joe came to me and tried all he could to get me to dance but I refused all his advances but in the end, he managed to get my number from me which I reluctantly gave him with the hope that he would let me be.
The next day, Joe called me and said he wanted to take me out for lunch but I told him I was not interested in having lunch with him and promptly cut the call. But he kept calling, sending me text messages and generally disturbing me so much, including sending my friend to me to plead with me that I should have a date with him.
To get him off my back, I agreed to have a dinner date with Joe that weekend with the intention of telling him to stay away from me but at the dinner, he was very nice and caring and in spite of myself, I began to like him but not enough to have a relationship with him.
Joe was very patient with me when I told him about what I was going through and gave me a shoulder to lean on. He proved to be a very reliable friend to have around. He took my affairs close to heart and did things most men would not do for even women they were dating.
He would shop for me, go to the market to buy things I would need at home and even on weekends, he would come around to pick my dirty clothes to the dry cleaner.
Many of my friends were envious of me and whenever I told them I was not actually in love with Joe, they would go off about how such men are so rare and that I would be missing so much if I refused to give him a chance.
In truth, I cannot say how it happened but one day, I woke up to find myself in my bed with Joe and it was apparent we had sex in the night. I remember he had come in as usual and cooked for us and after eating, we chatted far into the night till I fell asleep only to wake up and find him in my bed naked.
After that day, I began to warm up to him and sex became a regular feature for us till I missed my period and did a test which showed I was pregnant for him. He proposed to marry me and within four months, we were married.

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Unfortunately, I had a miscarriage a month into the marriage and now, I am completely fed up. All the things Joe used to do for me are now so irritating and I can’t stand them any longer. I cringe anytime he touches me and I can’t even stand him making love to me.
I wonder what got into me to agree to marry him.
What do I do because I can’t continue to live with a man I do not love?
Dear readers, do you think it is possible for a woman to marry a man she does not love? And after going through Adia’s story on True Confession today, what do you think she should do?

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