True Confession: ‘I caught my fiance having sex with his married ex-lover’

True Confession: ‘I caught my fiance having sex with his married ex-lover’

“Dear Editor,

My name is Christiana, a 28-year-old heartbroken woman who is supposed to get married in August of this year but I am afraid I cannot go ahead with the wedding after I caught my fiancé, Victor, having sex with his ex-lover, a married woman for that matter.

How would I possible get married to a man who had vowed never to have anything to do with the woman again and swore to stop the relationship?

I met Victor three years ago at the end of year party of a friend and I noticed immediately that he kept stealing glances at me throughout the party. I was not surprised when he cornered me when I went out of the hall to take a call.

After exchanging pleasantries, he requested for my number which I gave to him. After that day, Victor kept calling me and after two weeks, we went on a date and he asked me out. I did not have a serious relationship then and I decided to give him a chance.

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One thing I found out about Victor in the course of our relationship was that he had so many flings which he told me meant nothing to me and that he wanted to settle down with me.

On the first year anniversary of our meeting, Victor proposed to me and I accepted on the condition that he would not have anything to do with another woman as I did not want to share my man with another woman.

Though I knew he still sneaked around behind my back, he carefully hid it from me and since I did not have any evidence to confront him, I kept quiet, hoping he would get tired of it and know that he would soon get married.

We have done all the necessary preliminary rites for our wedding including the introduction, the wine carrying, and our invitation cards are out and well distributed but Victor did the unthinkable by frolicking with a married woman and that has hurt me so much.

He had told me about the woman, how she was so much in love with him and how he was only into the relationship because of what he gets from her. But after our introduction, Victor swore that he would not have anything to do with her again.

But you can imagine my shock and disappointment when I walked into his apartment one early morning unannounced to see him making love to the married woman. What really hurt me the most was his reaction when he saw me.

Instead of apologizing, Victor was angry at me and asked why I should walk into his house at that time of the day when I was supposed to be at work and without even knocking.

The lady as well did not even betray any shame, rather, she was hostile to me and actually ordered me out of the house.

I didn’t know how I got to my office that day and before I got home that day, he was already in my house begging me to forgive him, saying the woman forced herself on him as a parting gift to her as he was getting married.

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Still seething with anger, I ordered him out of my house and told him the wedding was off. He thought I was joking but I have vowed to maintain my stance.

I have told my parents and friends that I am not going through with it and they, including his family, have been begging me but how do I live with a man I know cheated on me with a married woman?

What is the guarantee that he will not continue sleeping with her after we get married? I need advice before I go insane.


Dear readers, a Leopard cannot change its spots but with the impending wedding between Christiana and Victor, what do you think she should do? That is the question we are asking on True Confession today.

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