True Confession: ‘I caught my pregnant wife having sex with our neighbour’

True Confession: ‘I caught my pregnant wife having sex with our neighbour’

“Dear Editor,
My name is Ugochukwu, a 42-year-old businessman living and working in Lagos. I have been married for 10 years with three children but my marriage is currently on the verge of collapsing after I caught my pregnant wife, Ulomma, on my matrimonial bed having sex with our neighbour.
I am a very hard working man and I leave my home in the Egbeda area of Lagos every morning at around 5 am so as to get to my office at Alaba International Market early enough for the day’s business.

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Though I don’t stay home that much, I try my best to give my family the best I can afford. I make sure my wife does not lack anything and my children go to one of the best schools. Food has never been an issue in the house and my wife cannot say I have ever denied her anything including sex.
So I was shocked on the day I caught her in the act red-handed. I had left home early, as usual, hoping to beat the early morning traffic on the Oshodi/Apapa Expressway but it was as if the devil and his angels were having a meeting on the road that day.
I was stuck in traffic for over four hours and when I could no longer bear it, I decided to go back home after calling my salesgirl to handle whatever business there was for the day.
I got down from the bus at Oshodi and took a bus going to Egbeda. Fortunately, the road going back was quite free and at about 10 am, I was already on my street.
I live in a house where everyone leaves for their offices or businesses early save for one or two married women who did not work, so I was expecting to have a quiet time with my wife who was three months pregnant.
When I got into the compound, I made my way to my apartment and on trying to open the door, I noticed it was locked from the inside. I thought my wife was still sleeping, so I used my key to open the door and made straight to the bedroom hoping to surprise Ulomma.
I was almost at the door to the bedroom when I stopped in shock. Coming from my bedroom were moans and soft sounds one hears when lovers are having sex. I had a spin in my head and could not think again.
What was happening, I asked myself? I tiptoed to the bedroom and luckily, the door was not locked and I pushed open only to meet the sight that will live with me for the rest of my days. There, on my own bed, was my pregnant wife, Ulomma naked and under Ebuka, my neighbour and also a married man.
When they knew there was an intruder, they scrambled apart and before I could react, Ebuka had pushed me aside and ran out of the house naked. Ulomma immediately fell on her knees and started begging me to forgive her, blaming the devil.
I did not say a thing but just walked out of the house. Till today, I think it was God who held me back or I could have strangled her with my hands. I also thank God that I did not meet her at home after I came back an hour later.

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Since then, she has been staying with her sister and has been sending emissaries to beg me including our church members, family members, and my close friends to forgive her but how can I ever forgive a woman who would do that to a man who has never hurt her before?
Some people say I should forgive her because of the children but as I write this, I am not sure I can ever forgive Ulloma for what she did to me.
What should I do?
Dear readers, you have read about Ugochukwu’s pathetic dilemma on True Confession today. So what do you think he should do? Should he forgive Ulomma and take her back?

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