True Confession: ‘I discovered my husband of 15 years has a secret wife’

True Confession: ‘I discovered my husband of 15 years has a secret wife’

“Dear Editor,

My name is Mimi, a 48-year-old married mother of three but my marriage is crumbling after I discovered that my husband of 15 years has a secret wife and two children with her.

Before the discovery, I always saw my husband Uzor as the best husband and father any woman would pray for. I am not saying he has not had his faults in our years together or that he does not do what other men do behind their women’s backs but he had never given me any cause to doubt or distrust him.

He always played his role as a responsible husband and provider but about six years ago, his travels doubled and at some points, he could be away from home for three months, ostensibly on business. But I never complained because anytime he came back home, he made sure he made up for his absence.

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But little did I know that I was living in a fool’s paradise until a friend hinted me that she saw my husband at a church during the dedication of a new baby in another part of town and that he was announced as the father of the baby.

I was mad at my friend for telling such a lie about my husband who, at that time, was in Port Harcourt for business.

But my friend insisted that she saw Uzor and brought out her phone to showed me photos she had taken during the dedication and, lo and behold, there was my husband, dressed in the same clothes with the mother of the baby, smiling radiantly.

I almost fainted with the shock that came with the photos. When I could gather my thoughts, I called his numbers but they were switched off. My friend volunteered to take me to the apartment of the woman and when we got there, I was stunned, to say the least, when the door was opened and I saw my husband carrying the young child in his arms.

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He too was shocked to see me and was dumbfounded. The new mother came out of the room with a child who was not more than three years, a carbon-copy of my husband. When the woman asked him who I was, he could not say a thing, only that he would explain later.

I stormed out of the house and when I got home, I parked some of my things and took my children to my elder sister’s place.

All these happened two months ago and since then, Uzor has been begging me, sending people to talk to me while my family too has been telling me to go back to my husband, especially for the sake of my children but I am still yet to come to terms with the fact my husband could have another family without telling me.


Dear readers, on True Confession today, we want you to weigh in on this matter and tell Mimi what to do. Should she go back home and live with the second wife or divorce her husband?

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