True Confession: ‘I divorced an angel but married a devil in replacement’

True Confession: ‘I divorced an angel but married a devil in replacement’

“Dear Editor,

My name is Patrick. I am a 48-year-old man who divorced my wife thinking she was bad; but ended up marrying the devil in her place.

I don’t blame anyone for my present predicament because I was the one who put myself in the mess I am currently facing. And I am sure this would lead to my early death.

I was married to Comfort for 12 years and we had three children but out of my stupidity; I had to send her away and ended up with Nelly who has made my life a living hell.

My problems with Comfort was that she was very insecure, overbearing, nagging and always suspicious of me. Anytime I stayed out late or went out with my friends, Comfort would think I was with another woman. This often brought quarrels between us.

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If I had a call, she wanted to know who was the person; and would want me to put the call on speaker for her to know if it was a woman.

Whenever we had a quarrel, Comfort would sulk for days. Of course she would always apologize later, telling me it was because she loved me so much. She would say she was afraid of losing me; but I must confess that it was her behaviour that pushed me into the arms of Nelly.

But little did I know that Comfort was an angel compared to Nelly who walked into my life pretending to be the best woman ever created by God. She turned around to be my worst nightmare.

Nelly is now a terror in my life, family members, friends, and, most importantly, my children.

I started dating Nelly as a way of relieving myself of the tension Comfort was putting me through, though I had no intention of every divorcing my wife and getting married to her.

She was just a side-chic and for the two years we dated, Nelly showed me love, care, attention and always made me wish she were my wife.

When she started talking about us being together forever so she could mend my broken heart and take proper care of me, I knew it was time to let her go.

However, before I knew what I was doing, I began comparing Nelly with my wife and I stupidly thought she was far better and even wished I was married to her instead of the trouble at home.

She must have hypnotized me because I was in a daze when I filed for a divorce and despite pleas from my Comfort, our children and our families, I was adamant and sent her packing.

Six months later, I got married to Nelly in a court and since then, my life and family has never been the same.

After settling down in my house, Nelly started manifesting her true colour. She started by maltreating my children and anytime I tried to caution her, she would remind me that she was not my former wife and she would put me where I belonged.

Then she started engaging me in fights, and on three occasions, stabbed me with a knife and broken bottles.

Even when my mother and sisters came to visit, Nelly would become so nasty to them and even beat up my mother one day and chased her out of the house in my absence.

She has fought with almost all of our neighbours; and because of her, we have been evicted from two houses.

My children are no longer safe with her around and this has affected them and their studies. The worst of it all is that Nelly is now sleeping around with other men. She does not even have the decency of hiding it from me.

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To make matters worse, Nelly has vowed to kill me and my children if I dare send her packing.

I don’t know what to do to remedy the situation. Comfort is now married to another man and in my quiet moments, I cry bitterly for allowing an angel to leave, and settling with a devil.


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